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Harry King Holmes III: Helping Women Build Their Dream Online Fitness Business

In an industry where males dominate, women, especially women of color, encounter more challenges in the fitness community as they struggle to build their dream businesses for online fitness. Successful entrepreneur-fitness expert Harry King Holmes III is no stranger to this reality as he has seen the difficulties that many of his female counterparts go through. Determined to make a difference for these women, he took the initiative to launch what he now calls the Fitness Empire Accelerator. 

Harry King Holmes III is the founder and CEO of King Global Sports and Fitness, one of the most well-respected Black-owned online fitness businesses in the United States. Before entering the fitness industry, he established and managed King Entertainment for eight years, one of the youngest and biggest promotional companies in Chicago. Here, he hosted nightlife events where more than 800 patrons attended. But the birth of his son fueled him to retire from the clubbing lifestyle and transform himself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Eventually, he obtained his certification for personal training. But the journey for the fitness business was far from easy. Roughly two years ago, Harry struggled in his business as a full-time personal trainer. To make ends meet, he had no choice but to drive Uber and Lyft for additional income. Apart from this, he went through a difficult breakup, leaving him to move in with his parents. 

However, Harry King Holmes III had no plans of giving up. With hard work, determination, and passion, he successfully built six-figure online fitness businesses. On top of this, he established a gym in his hometown Chicago. He reached this incredible level of success in under three years. He and his team have also transformed over 1,000 women physically and mentally through The Queen’s project, an online fitness community built for busy moms. At present, his most recent endeavor for the fitness community is the Fitness Empire Accelerator.

Fitness Empire Accelerator is a 12-week intensive course where Harry King Holmes III teaches female personal trainers on how to take their business online. He is doing what he did for the success of The Queen’s Project. Ultimately, his mission is to help over 1,000 personal trainers, who are women of color, build their six-figure online fitness business before 2021 ends. 

For Harry King Holmes III, he believes that women are the greatest asset in the world. “It is my mission to invest in our queens because they are the backbone of our families and communities,” says the successful fitness guru. This explains why he has led several initiatives designed to specifically uplift and help women in different ways.

Today, Fitness Empire Accelerator and Harry continue to gather women of color who are determined to succeed in the online fitness business community. In the future, Harry hopes to run a nine-figure online fitness empire while traveling around the world as a public speaker, bringing impact that will change the lives of many. In essence, he hopes to inspire fitness professionals to dream big and never give up. To learn more about Harry King Holmes and his company King Global Sports and Fitness LLC, visit his website and Facebook page.

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