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Greatness Awaits the Imminent Arrival of the Meta Bounty Hunters Within the NFT Space

The crypto industry was rocked early last year when Non-Fungible Tokens started making the waves. Since then, more projects have come to fruition in various forms that range from visual art to music and even social media posts. Despite the variety at their disposal, many NFT developers opted to utilize digital art as their chosen medium. Joining the NFT space is the upcoming project Meta Bounty Hunters.

Meta Bounty Hunters is a digital NFT community that hosts 8,888 unique Meta Bounty Hunters. The project is a collective of elite members who share the same goals of putting the community first and doing good in the galaxy. As with most NFTs, no two Meta Bounty Hunters are the same, giving holders plenty to be excited about. 

Each Meta Bounty Hunter has striking characteristics with varying rarity so that holders will distinguish the Meta Bounty Hunters in appearance and capabilities. The NFTs are algorithmically generated by combining 14 rarity types and all variations in each type to create a single unique Meta Bounty Hunter.

The NFTs will have roughly 235 characteristics distributed across 14 categories. The characteristics included are their antenna, armor, back, background, bandolier, cloak, decal, gun, helmet, right arm, and visor. Additionally, holders will receive updates and airdrops on their Discord channel with announcements on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok

The Meta Bounty Hunters represent a community, tribe, and galactic alliance of Doers organized to take action and do the most good of any community for its members while having the most significant impact for doing good in the galaxy. The project also tells a rich story that takes holders to a different universe.

Once a bright empire, the Galactic Cryptopia was the hope of many after a seemingly endless dark age. However, dark forces started to gather as the golden empire reached its advocacy for peace and technology. An organization put together to counter the empire, SCAM, started to infiltrate the empire. In the wake of their path of destruction, a band of individuals who fell victim to SCAMs villainy stood in solidarity, forming the Meta Bounty Hunters.

The rich backstory comes from the brilliant mind of Mike S. Miller, a 30-year veteran of the comic book industry. He is best known for his works in the comic Titan DC, having worked on the Injustice: Gods Among Us comics and Adventures of Superman. Miller has also drawn covers for Game of Thrones and other related prequels along with an independent project called Lonestar.

More than just an artist, Mike Miller has also showcased his creativity through writing, penning the book Deal with the Devil, which was optioned by Lionsgate films at one point and is currently in development with Broken Road Productions. The sudden popularity of NFTs in 2021 caught Miller’s attention, and he lent his talents to Bitboy Crypto, the top crypto influencer on YouTube. Together they started working on various projects before Miller launched his own NFT project, Funky Monkey Frat House. 

The Meta Bounty Hunters collection is set to be one of the most exciting projects in the NFT space, with the public launch date set for February 17, 2022.