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Francis Onah on the Recent Release of His Debut Album

The powerful combination of talent, passion, and vision can elevate dreams, transcend limits, and break barriers. When people use their gifts and crafts for a remarkable and great cause, they make a valuable impact not just on society but also on others’ lives. And as someone who has been blessed with exceptional musical skills, Francis Onah sets out to show the world how beautiful Africa is. 

With his deep-rooted passion for cultural awareness and heritage appreciation, Francis Onah has not only attracted listeners but captured hearts as well. His soulful vibes and warm disposition have allowed him to convey powerful messages and create beautiful sounds. And as he continues to inspire people with his outstanding talent, he can give Africa the recognition it deserves. 

Francis Onah-Adie is a well-renowned jazz musician, saxophonist, composer, arranger, and singer. Hailing from the city of Lagos in Nigeria, he kicked off his musical journey when he was only sixteen years old. And with his career unfolding at such an early age, the budding musician exhibited extraordinary potential. 

One of the things that motivated Francis Onah to pursue his love for music is the wonderful feeling he gets from listening to jazz legends. Perform with diverse bands has also influenced his decisions and impacted his manner of writing and arranging his music. And having been exposed to an arsenal of genres like Juju, Fuji, Apala, High-Life, Makossa, and many more, he could incorporate different styles into his works.  

At the age of nineteen, Francis Onah bought his first trumpet. He later picked up the saxophone when he was twenty-four, and in only five days, he learned the rudiment and performed with it a day after at a concert. The said event was organized by Alliance France from Lagos, Nigeria.

Throughout his flourishing career, Francis Onah has performed with various bands and has had the opportunity to tour globally. He even played at a lot of Jazz Festivals around the world. As a result of all these experiences, the musician began to develop his style that leaned towards his African roots.

Today, Francis Onah is celebrating his debut album, “Ogoja City,” which was just released in October of this year. His appreciation for his cultural heritage heavily inspired the album. It is now available on all streaming platforms. 

Francis Onah has been wowing everyone with his skillful hands and creative flair. His genuineness and authenticity make it even easier for the world to fall for him and marvel at his ways. He has become an inspiration to those who wish to honor their culture and show appreciation to their motherland or places of origin. 

The music industry is dazzling with many bright stars and brilliant musicians, but the talent that Francis Onah ceaselessly exudes and the advocacy that he nobly fights for make him stand out. 

Not everyone can dedicate their careers to a purpose that is other than self-interest and personal gain. And with music that is grounded on introducing his nation to the world, Francis Onah is truly an artist unlike any other. 

To know more about Francis Onah, you may visit his website