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Farmshopcbd Offers Fantastic Cure for Various Ailments

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

The saying “health is wealth” has been around for hundreds of years, and it remains relevant today. Especially amid the pandemic, people need to watch over their health just as much as any other aspect of life. Farmshopcbd is providing an effective product that will lead people to optimal health status. 

Farmshopcbd is founded by Carrie Birkel to address pain, anxiety, high stress, epilepsy, and other ailments and diseases, including cancer. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the primary component of the company’s product. Over the years, CBD has been utilized for many uses and acclaimed for its substantial pain control claims. 

“Every person over the age of 20 needs to take CBD. There are over 2,000 receptors that go dormant at approximately the age of 20. The way to continue and live a healthy life is to bring those (receptors) back which only CBD can do,” said Carrie Birkel. Farmshopcbd has been very passionate about distributing its products to consumers on a mission to impact their lifestyle positively. 

Farmshopcbd is also immensely rooted in their customer service. “We return every call and email daily,” said Carrie Birkel. The company goes beyond merely providing their customers’ orders for CBD, but they guide them all the way. Carrie emphasizes the importance of building a relationship with its customers to become a trusted household brand. 

“We are happy to have amazing products that are working for so many people in so many areas,” said Carrie Birkel. Farmshopcbd has provided its quality product across the country. The company feels motivated to expand their distribution further when they encounter testimonies from their customers. Carrie and her team hear from people who have healed from epilepsy, such as a teenager who has not had a seizure since day 2 of taking CBD.. “That is one example we have hundreds of Parkinson’s patients after taking our 1500 mg tincture they have cried and I cry along with them.  This is the most rewarding  feeling I have ever experienced “ said Carrie Birkel.

Carrie Birkel knows the emotional baggage that illnesses can cause. Through Farmshopcbd, she puts people’s minds at ease, knowing that there’s a product out there that is reliable for multiple ailments. The company’s Custom Full Spectrum product line and all products are all organic and certified through comprehensive third-party testing, ensuring that the products are safe for anyone. The team at Farmshop said “we hear this daily the amazing life changes for people, that is what keeps us going”. “ Our Deep wellness salve for all pains, arthritis, burns, surgeries this is an amazing product for just about anything” said Carrie.  The team at Farmshopcbd all care and their mission is to help those in need. 

Founder Carrie Birkel knows how hard it is to receive news and confirmation of being terminally ill. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was told that she only had a year to live. “I had the fight of my life,” Carrie said. “During my search of life saving my own life I came across CBD, we created the purist product to save my life and it worked that is our 1500mg ” said Carrie Among her goals in life was to see her daughter get married and be with her grandchildren. Carrie was diagnosed almost four years ago, and now she is about to see her grandchild. Indeed, she is a strong woman who fought through her illness and embraces life.

Today, Carrie Birkel is in full  remission and is starting a nonprofit organization called Canna Research Institute with Mark Urdahl who will be running the Cancer Trials.  Mark Urdahl Currently  Founded Young blood institute, he is an amazing man who will bring this to thousands to help those in need. We are thrilled to work together on this project as partners Carrie Birkel said.    The organization will be conducting breast cancer trials within the United States, led by a team of researchers, nurses, and many other professionals who are willing to dedicate their lives to a good cause. “Our team members are all dedicated individuals with a history of loss, cancer, or of helping others,” Carrie said.

To learn more about Farmshopcbd, feel free to visit their website.