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Famous Meme Account Shows Curation and Compensation Go Hand in Hand

The growth and proliferation of social media has changed the way people consume content. Nowadays, people are conditioned to consume content at a high-speed rate and for “Memers” to seek high engagement from each post—this is commonly known as “clout” in online spaces. This endless chase for  clout leads to people reposting content that is not theirs, slapping the label CTTO or “credits to the owner,” and then calling it a day.

Because social media platforms are lenient, some accounts with millions of followers shamelessly repost other people’s content under the guise of “content curation.” While some people think that reposting and not crediting content is inconsequential, most of the time, the owners of the work rarely get direct compensation and engagement from the repost. Instead, the benefits go to the reposters.

Bitch shows that curation and crediting can go hand in hand while amassing millions of followers. Bitch takes memes to the next level while curating the best viral content across social media for sharing first. All content Bitch shares is appropriately licensed, credited, and compensated accordingly.

Started initially on Instagram under the moniker Bitch, the account started by mainly sharing the content Bitch liked and enjoyed. 

“There was no real technology or thought to it at the time except to get the best and funniest things I saw up first,” Bitch stated.

Bitch then was like any other meme account on Instagram, posting text, and picture memes.

One day, Bitch had a breakthrough and realized that video content resulted in better engagement with her audience. In January 2017, Bitch decided to pivot in the direction of video content entirely and started a partnership with Collab, a digital talent network and entertainment studio that works primarily with content creators but have recently started partnering up with Instagram Meme Accounts.

Before the partnership, Bitch manually asked for verbal permissions from the owners of the content. Once Bitch and Collab partnered up, they decided to choose the route of actually doing all of the clearances and licenses in order to give video owners more than just 15 seconds of internet fame.

Through the partnership, Bitch has been legitimized as a brand, setting it apart from a sea of meme pages. Now, Bitch has since expanded to other platforms like Facebook, Tik Tok, Youtube, Twitter, and even Byte.

Cementing the position as one of the original sources of viral videos and being the first to clear and post, Bitch has become one of the pilots for viral User Generated Content (UGC). Bitch maintains integrity by actively making sure that all clients are properly credited and compensated.

Even with all the hard work of ensuring all posted content is easy to watch, the page manages to stay on a strict and constant schedule to brighten up people’s days. Bitch hopes to continue to do what is best for the page and post the best content out there for a long time.

Bitch wants to inspire people to do anything they want as long as they are fully dedicated to their goals and without stealing other people’s hard work.

Check out Bitch’s socials if you haven’t yet: websiteInstagram page, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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