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Exciting Opportunities Open for Artists as Upcoming NFT Community Tronic Launches This April 2022

The world of digital art is ever-expanding as the metaverse has successfully introduced a phenomenal achievement of monetizing digital art and other art forms. While the metaverse is open to all, not all artists have the capacity to make drops on their own. Achieving this requires collaborating with developers and entrepreneurs, and this is what Tronic is all about. The emerging non-fungible token (NFT) community is providing talented artists with an interest in NFTs, a curated marketplace where they can connect with digital art enthusiasts and avid collectors. 

Set to launch within the metaverse this coming April 2022, Tronic will showcase the interesting works of various artists, from well-known tattoo artists to the most sought-after modern artists of this generation. Scheduled to be featured in the platform are BLR$ by The House Of, Qverse by Magdiel Lopez, Art of the Everyday by Kelly Christine Sutton, Creatures of Notoriety by Curtis Hale, At a Glance by Ridge Young, Windbags by Eric Dettmers, Twos Day by Ridge Young, Trading Faces by Steve McElroy, Come Play by Carolyn Joe Art, Panther Phobia by Luke Wessman, Sacred Panther by Phil LaRocca, and Colorful Creatures by Karen Musgraves. 

Avid art collectors will find Tronic highly engaging as it will feature rare artworks, some of which will have a limited number of items available once dropped. BLR$ will only feature 25 items, 20 for Qverse, 33 for Art of the Everyday, 2,171 for Creatures of Notoriety, and 2,500 for all the other collections. 

BLR$ is expected to drop in April and it will drop a limited series of “All-Star” artworks that will highlight the different aspects of a baller’s life. Qverse, on the other hand, will consist of 100 original 1/1 NFTs that will be broken down into four unique drops when it is introduced this April. Only 20 NFTs will be featured in each drop and they have the ability to unlock five special characters. This collection will also feature four basic personas: Heroes, Leaders, Shadows, and Creators. Art of the Everyday will see the beautiful photos taken by Sutton before the pandemic and her motherhood. She used a 35mm film Nikkormat camera from the 1980s and the results are breathtaking. Her artworks will drop this April as well.

“The target audience for the Tronic marketplace is going to include everyone and be especially welcoming to newcomers who want to collect art. We plan on making transactions simple and will have the ability for users to check out via CC coming very soon,” the developers shared. 

This coming April, the first drop will be the Tronic Pass, a collection of 25,000 distinct and animated pieces of artwork that will signal the beginning of the massive Tronic journey. The pass is considered the key to several exciting privileges and access to the most exclusive events within the metaverse. Owning a Tronic NFT entitles the holder to the token’s suite of tools that will help aspiring and seasoned artists realize their dream of showcasing their creations within the metaverse. 

The impressive list of artists on board is mainly due to the effort of Tronic art director Curtis Hale. He is also working on creating collaborations to add value to the future projects of the token community. As of today, the community has lined up weekly drops starting this April. Holders should be able to access the Tronic Creator Tools by the end of the year. This lifetime privilege will come in very handy to artists who intend to showcase their own artworks. 

Learn more about Tronic through their website, Twitter, and Discord server.