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Established Artist Romero Britto Joins the NFT Space Through His Collaboration With DCB World

The greatest painters in the world are often recognized for their influence on specific movements. Still, most people don’t realize that they delved into other styles or mediums to widen their horizons along the way. In the modern era where almost everything has been done, many artists thrive by going beyond the conventional methods. So with digital art rising to prominence through the years, it was only a matter of time before renowned artist Romero Britto tried his hand into the art medium. 

Amid the new movement’s progress, Non-Fungible Tokens started making waves in 2021, with hundreds, if not thousands, of projects emerging. Utilizing digital art, many NFT projects achieved success in the art community, piquing the interest of Britto. Looking to dive into NFTs, the artist has lent his talent to the birth of the NFT project Dot Com Billionaires or DCB World.

DCB World is the latest addition to the NFT space and holds one of, if not the largest collection with 1,000,000 limited and unique NFTs that reflect artist Romero Britto’s vision. Since coming on board, they have collaborated to create the biggest NFT lucky draw game using Chainlink Verifiable Random Function and Chainlink Keepers to deliver fully automated and transparent draw results. 

The project gives holders unique NFTs that hold a unique number, granting them access to automated, weekly prize draws that will run for years to come on the chainlink. The NFTs also hold unique value as collectible and utility items that come with features and perks that the community can unlock through roadmap activation. DCB World’s NFT has a mass appeal from collectors, metaverse enthusiasts, and gaming buffs, all drawn to Britto’s original art, adding a gaming dimension that DCB World innovated for the NFT community. 

Romero Britto was born in Brazil but made his name in Miami. From an early age, he had a strong passion for the arts, often using whatever materials were at his disposal to paint on paper, cardboard, and other mediums within his grasp. Britto thrived in his freedom to conjure up whatever picture lingered in his head. But his development as an artist only grew stronger as he grew older.

The artist would later travel to Paris, where he stood face to face with the works of old masters like Matisse and Picasso. Seeing the works in person, Britto was inspired to create works that reflected his outlook. Since then, he has fused pop art, graffiti, cubism, and abstract to create works that come to life with vibrant colors and bold patterns to evoke positive feelings like joy, hope, and nostalgic glee. In 1992, Britto founded the Happy Art Movement to inject happiness, fun, love, and optimism to millions globally through his art. 

Like many artists, Romero Britto was interested in the NFT movement. Still, of all the projects that truly piqued his interest, he found that DCB Worl’s vision complemented his ethics, with each ticket sale helping Inara Foundation support their cause. He hopes to utilize the platform and help positivity to the world while giving back to the community.