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Elite Pickz Expands Winner’s Circle by Upping Its Game and Online Presence

Elite Pickz
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In January 2020, Elite Pickz saw the opportunity to help everyday fans take an actionable step to dive into their passion for betting on sports and hopefully create a new source of income. Founded by Bill Harrelson, the company meticulously researched the space and developed a unique business plan. It would use complex data rather than opinion to set odds and offer picks to its members. 

In a world where the House always wins, sportsbooks and casinos engineer gaming to show a profit. Eager sports fans place bets daily online and in person, thinking that because they’ve watched a particular team or sport their entire life, they know how to play the odds and beat them. But winning in the sports betting industry has little to do with opinions and gut feelings. It’s about correctly using analytics and advanced models to capitalize on market inefficiencies. That’s where Elite Pickz comes into play.

In a quest to establish a data-based consultantship, Elite Pickz “tested” (interviewed) multiple sports bettors who claimed to be pros selling picks. Unfortunately, the company discovered many were frauds. The industry is full of individuals claiming improbable win rates and monthly profits but not knowing about the science behind making informed picks.

Elite Pickz didn’t throw in the towel, though. The business bet on itself to root out the perfect, legitimate consulting team of professionals—one of the first U.S. sportsbook employees on the east coast and a handicapper with a long and documented track record. This collaboration is different from its competitors’ approach. These experts established a tested formula that helps bettors create what they call positive expected value (+EV) picks based on targeted, precise information, not just intuition. 

It all goes back to data. Using advanced models and numbers, Elite Pickz meticulously mines information using comprehensive and tested systems to achieve massive profitability long term. The team  consistently beats closing lines on the large majority of their picks—this is almost unheard of in the industry. Beating closing lines consistently creates an edge over the House. When a bettor plays an advantage enough times, they see a profit. Elite Pickz demystifies how to achieve these results for its clients. 

The betting consultants aren’t afraid to tell followers when they take a hit, either. Some days the House wins. Transparency is paramount to the company’s success; it doesn’t hide losses like its competitors, enhancing its credibility with clientele. 

Elite Pickz is excited to announce its latest expansion by officially launching its website in Winter 2022. The site will focus on the customer by offering in-depth information and opportunities for an enhanced experience. The company primarily operates through Instagram, with its impressive 145k followers. It also has a Discord channel for members only. The team knows growing its internet presence provides potential for a larger winner’s circle.

The company sells informed data in daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly packages. With each monthly pass for picks, they will often guarantee results. If the team fails to generate an ROI during your month, they offer an additional month free. The company’s customer service focus develops long-term relationships with bettors who respect that integrity. 

Elite Pickz also offers a free email service with tips on sports betting to educate its audience and increase returns. Even if someone is new to sports betting and hasn’t committed to utilizing Elite Pickz services, they can receive the free emails.

Meeting the full-circle desire to give back some of its profits, Elite Pickz selects one day a month to donate a portion of sales to a charity. The company knows that giving back to build community is always a sure bet and makes everyone a winner. 


 Elite Pickz is a sports betting consulting company based in the U.S.A., founded in January 2020. The company focuses on building long-term client relationships by using data-driven picks to help them generate income through sports betting. The company consistently beats closing lines on the large majority of their picks, a very rare achievement in the sports betting consulting industry. 


Elite Pickz Team 


Source: Elite Pickz

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