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Dream Body Sculpting Helps Other People Achieve Their Dream Bodies in Non-Invasive Ways

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Everybody has certain fitness goals that they aspire to, especially in these difficult times, where one’s health is their number 1 defense against the ongoing pandemic. Fortunately, Dream Body Sculpting is here to provide the best quality service that shapes the body of men and women into what they love while helping them maintain a lifestyle that they can enjoy.

Dream Body Sculpting was established by Christina Perez in 2015 with two locations, namely Kennesaw, Georgia, and Naples, Florida. Perez is a fully licensed esthetician with a certification in ultrasound cavitation/radiofrequency. She has been working with body contouring machines since 2010, which makes her a true authority in the industry.

Perez built Dream Body Sculpting to be an aid in building a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for women and men. It’s not just about getting quick results; they want to help their clients maintain the said results. In order to help achieve their goals, they have developed a machine that is stronger than many of those that are in the US market today.

Dream Body Sculpting specializes in non-invasive, permanent fat reduction and skin-tightening procedures that require no pain or downtime. Their tripolar cavitation permanently destroys the fat cells that reside in the body, delivering immediate and permanent results. Fat cells are usually the size of a grape and are filled with a liquid substance known as fatty triglycerides.

These fat cells are unable to withstand the vibrating waves and heat coming off of the cavitation handpiece. This causes the fat cells to diploid, releasing the triglycerides into the metabolic system, where bodies will dispose of the waste naturally. Dream Body Sculpting provides a natural and effective process without causing any harm to the surrounding tissue and organs.

Their skin tightening procedure is also in a league of its own. They utilize a dermolift radiofrequency technology that produces collagen back into the skin. Their radiofrequency procedure tightens the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layer, so all three layers of the skin are being treated. Their radiofrequency treatments also aid in cellulite reduction and contouring of the face and neck while removing wrinkles.

Dream Body Sculpting devices are the strongest cavitation machines on the market, but that doesn’t mean their services are pricier than most. They provide affordable and highly effective procedures in which their customers only need two to three sessions for the best results. Their treatments are spaced within three days that are a week apart.

It’s undeniable that Dream Body Sculpting blows the competition out of the water in terms of results and affordability. However, they also provide high-quality customer service and guarantee that their procedures will give their clients what they need for a lifetime.

There’s no telling how much success they’re going to rake in with Christina Perez at the helm of Dream Body Sculpting. With thousands of satisfied clients from their two branches alone, there’s no telling how many more happy customers they’re going to get when they inevitably expand in the coming years, giving more Americans the dream body that they deserve, the Dream Body Sculpting way.Visit Dream Body Sculpting’s official website to learn more about their procedures.