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Don’t Worry Darling director puts down rumors of Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine


Weeks earlier, Harry Styles was accused of spitting on his Don’t Worry Darling co-star Chris Pine, raising many questions and accusations.

Even after the accident, speculations continued as to whether it really happened or not.

At a concert in Venice, Styles told the audience to “spit on Chris Pine”, causing people to scratch their heads, wondering whether the singer was joking or not.

Recently, director Olivia Wilde made things clear when she appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Olivia Wilde clears the air

When Olivia Wilde appeared on the show this week, talk show host Stephen Colbert addressed some of the topics that were making the rounds on the internet.

The director of Don’t Worry Darling raised the issue when she discussed the alleged rift between her and actress Florence Pugh.

“The only thing I want to say to that,” she started. “Is that another one of our weird rumors, ‘spit gate,’ which you might have heard about…”

Colbert jumped into the situation, cut her off, and asked her if Styles spat on Pine.

“Why or why not?” He asked her. “Support your answer.”

“No,” Wilde replied, after laughing at the essay-like question. “He did not.”

Complications and agreements

Things would have gotten complicated if Olivia Wilde had thrown her boyfriend Harry Styles under the bus and said he had spit on Pine.

However, everyone involved had come to agree on the situation.

Wilde highlighted the spitting voice as the perfect example of people seeking drama wherever they can.

“Harry did not spit on Chris, in face… he really didn’t, we’ve seen it,” she emphasized.

“That is exactly what I mean though, people will look at a video that shows evidence of someone not spitting on someone else.”

“And they’ll still see what they want to see, and that is the creation of drama… that is clickbait.”

Other remarks

Aside from the “spit gate,” another rumor circulating was the rift between Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh.

However, Wilde also downplayed the ‘feud’, saying:

“I have nothing but respect for Florence’s talent… I have nothing against her for whatever reason.”

Olivia Wilde also argued that male directors don’t approach casting inquiries the way they do.

However, Stephen Colbert pointed out that even if the rumors were true, it would still be “light fare” compared to other movie scandals.


Olivia Wilde clears up the ‘spit gate’ conspiracy between boyfriend Harry Styles and Chris Pine