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Darnell Fontenot Rises Above Poverty to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Blessings abound those who are willing to work their way to the top and achieve success in numerous ways. Darnell Fontenot is one of those few people who have survived multiple struggles to come out on top. He attributes most of his success to the loving care of his parents and the power of the man upstairs, God. Darnell is a faithful man who never lost his will to succeed. Nowadays, he manages his own business helping other people succeed the same way he did.

Darnell Fontenot is the 25-year-old founder and CEO of the online travel business Darnell’s Travel, which is powered by The website offers services such as flight bookings, hotels, cruises, and car services to various destinations all over the world. Darnell’s company aims to help people gain access to different destinations through a single click, eliminating all the hassle of checking various websites.

Darnell’s Travel has garnered worldwide acclaim among its loyal clientele ranging from various travel providers, hotel brands, agencies, and tour operators. Darnell Fontenot guarantees the security of his clients’ information whenever they avail of his website’s services. Passports and visas are secured through the Center for International Business and Travel (CIBT), and Darnell makes sure to provide quality insurance options to his travelers.

Aside from his own business, Darnell Fontenot is also a credible partner of PlanNet Marketing. The company is dedicated to providing people with the freedom, flexibility, and opportunity to build financial independence. The trusted partnership allows representatives of PlanNet Marketing to utilize their passion for traveling as a separate income stream.

In spite of all of the success that he is currently celebrating, Darnell Fontenot has suffered through a lot of obstacles in his early childhood. At the young age of nine, he was separated from his biological mother and was sent into the foster child system. Darnell hopped from one home to another, struggling to find his place in the world.

Yet despite all the struggles, Darnell Fontenot was a true man of God whose faith never wavered. In God’s time, he was adopted by a loving family who nurtured his faith in the Lord. Two years ago, his adopted mother passed away, while his adopted father passed away five years ago. He has vowed to continue their legacy by building his travel business and succeeding on all fronts.

As he cites most of his influences, Darnell Fontenot also attributes his success to the motivation provided by the multi-millionaire entrepreneur Dan Lok. Darnell expresses that the similarity of their life experiences drew him toward Dan, as they both suffered through poverty while eventually succeeding in life through their businesses.

“The struggle will make you even stronger than ever before and will make you hungry for success,” says Darnell Fontenot. In the near future, he hopes to scale his travel company to become bigger than it already is, broadening its reach to the rest of the world. He also hopes to employ more people to his team in order to generate more jobs for talented individuals. His heart is truly in the right place, and he deserves all of the success that he is getting.

Find out more about the amazing Darnell Fontenot by checking out his company’s official website. For more information on his partnership with PlanNetNow Marketing, make sure to check out the website.