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Daffner and Associates, P.C., Leveling the Legal Playing Field

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

When the going gets tough, it’s always good to have someone reliable by your side. This premise is especially true when it comes to legal matters. And that’s what law firm Daffner and Associates, P.C. promises to be: a partner by the people’s side through their toughest challenges.

2020’s leading law firm is a Pittsburgh-based practice that has represented thousands of individuals and businesses. They have worked through legal battles in both state and federal courts for many years. Attorney Marc Daffner founded the firm in 1993. Marc has handled the majority of complex legal matters that have gone  through his firm in a wide variety of jurisdictions over the years. He is a highly respected member of the defense bar. Mr. Daffner’s concentration is heavily in the areas of state and federal criminal defense as well as commercial litigation.

On top of his law practice, Marc Daffner also serves as an appointed arbitrator in the Civil Division of the Common Pleas. He also serves as well as in the United States District Court. Mr. Daffner helps in representing children in complex custody matters. Currently, on his fourth term, Marc is also an elected county committeeman who served a six-year term as an administrative judge, chair of the Civil Service Commission, and was a candidate for judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County.

Daffner and Associates, P.C. handles all kinds of criminal defense cases, including cases involving drug violations, homicide, theft, firearms, detainers, DUI, and significant driving offenses, probation, and parole matters. They’ve also taken on cases on white-collar and financial crimes, forgery, fraud, counterfeiting, computer-related offenses, and attorney general investigations.

Daffner and Associates, P.C. has also assisted countless individuals with tax concerns. They have helped people who have struggled with late or unfiled returns, tax collection issues, and allegations of fraud and tax evasion. They look to level the playing field for the small-time households that struggle to make ends meet and comply with tax laws. The firm has represented numerous people accused of owing incorrect amounts and penalized for the shortcomings of incompetent IRS employees.

Another branch of the law firms practice is in firearms laws and rights. They help people with issues involving firearms, including licensing and purchasing issues, license denial appeals, NFA-compliant firearms trusts, expungement of criminal and mental health records, and reinstatement of firearms privileges, among many other areas.

People and companies have flocked to the practice’s office after hearing story after story of sophisticated and professional representation without having to break the bank.  At the firm, lawyers and staff make it a point to provide a big firm’s personal and hands-on service at with the attitude of a small practice, as well as a commitment to protect their clients by providing everyone with a fighting chance and an opportunity to speak up.

To learn more about Daffner and Associates, visit the firm’s website and Facebook page.