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Crypto Joints Looks to Advance Cannabis Research via an NFT Drop

Two industries that have been under the spotlight because of their stellar growth this year are the Cannabis industry and the NFT world. One taps into the natural and the other into tech-based advancements. And while these two industries seem to be on opposite spectrums, one new NFT collection looks to bring them together by launching a Cannabis-inspired set of mints. The project is called Crypto Joints, and it’s quickly on the rise. 

The Crypto Joints NFT project is a collection of 5,000 unique non-fungible mints that heavily emphasize Cannabis culture. Since more states have opened up CBD and other hemp products for medicinal and even recreational use, the community has increased exponentially. Crypto Joints hopes to leverage that growth by jumping into yet another fast-rising industry, NFTs, which have been the core point for blockchain investors, artists, and entrepreneurs the past few years.

The non-fungible token rave has increased over the years as more people start investing in these blockchain-based mints. An NFT is a digital certificate within a cryptocurrency network like Ethereum or Cardano and holds a unique artwork. Many entrepreneurs, developers, crypto enthusiasts, and artists have begun working together to develop various series of these digital collections. The Crypto Joints collection is one of those projects.

The NFT collection also hosts an array of value-giving initiatives that will award its crypto community, one of which is a royalty program that promises to give up to 80% of its profits back to the community in the form of rewards and giveaways. “We believe the Crypto Joints collection is an interesting option compared to the current NFT market,” shares one of the founders. “The fact that it offers a loyalty program gives an added value to the token, increasing its value over time not only because of what it would be worth as NFT.” Already, the founding team has promised over 130 initial prizes to be given away on the launching date, each holding up to 1 Ethereum in value each.

The Crypto Joints NFT will also become a fundraising effort to finance a research facility that will expand medical Cannabis uses shortly. This new revolution around CBD and other hemp products will profoundly impact medical care. The Crypto Joints team hopes to develop token longevity by launching a community-supporting project. This project aims to provide a way for the company to generate revenue while assisting in Cannabis research. The team hopes that the project will positively impact the holders and the company.

Crypto Joints is a company that plans to take advantage of the many developments in the cannabis industry. This industry is snowballing, but it lacks research and standardization. Cannabis Sativa has long been known to have medical benefits. However, researchers have barely scratched the surface of the possible uses for this natural product. Crypto Joints hopes to change that by helping to sustain the cannabis industry.

The 5,000 NFT  will be made available soon and can be traded on starting on December 29. To learn more about the project, check out the Crypto Joints NFT website and visit the OpenSea collection page.

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