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Coffee Over Cardio® Is Empowering Women Globally with Quality Coffee

Coffee Over Cardio® is a coffee company by women, for women. It began as an idea by its innovative founder, Abbey Scott Crowson. Today, it is a massive social media community that empowers and energizes women globally.

Beyond setting and following trends, Abbey believed that the millennial generation is made for more—empowerment, self-growth, business growth, and many more. Entrepreneurship was never part of her plan. She initially pictured an honest-to-goodness corporate life for herself. Until one day, the idea of a coffee company branded, built, and grown by women came to her mind. Hence, Coffee Over Cardio® was brought into fruition in December 2017, carrying its first four original roasts. 

Her husband and business partner, Mike Crowson, an entrepreneur at heart, saw the vast opportunities and massive potential in her idea. The duo immediately went on to research to bring Abbey’s vision to life. They did the leg work, from designing the bags to testing coffees from all around the world. Coffee Over Cardio® is a product of careful evaluation of some of the best-grown coffee, made to satisfy today’s dynamic women.

“If you asked us three years ago if we would be where we were today, we would laugh. We started with 30 sales in an entire month and we have now had over 110,000 orders,” recalled Mike Crowson. “It’s truly incredible what passion and a vision can accomplish with patience and hard work,” he added. Coffee Over Cardio® now carries over 40 products, three years after launching into the market.

Coffee Over Cardio® upholds its profound yet straightforward principle, “We all deserve a quality cup of coffee,” while producing their coffees, k-cups, electrolytes, creamers, and many more. Everything is done to fulfill the needs of its consumers. The company has continually delivered flavorful, fun, and reliable energizers for women from all walks of life, either working, studying, or taking care of their families.

Coffee Over Cardio® is known for its creative twists that bring new life to ordinary coffee. Saturdaze Chocolate Donut, Messy Bun, Cinnamon Bun, and Birthday Cake are only a few of their fun flavors. Each unique flavor gives a memorable experience to anyone who drinks them. Furthermore, the company offers an exclusive flavor to their members’ monthly subscription, providing a pleasant surprise every time.

On top of their unique flavors, Coffee Over Cardio® comes with its unmistakable and colorful bags, uniquely designed to portray the flavors they contain. Additionally, the bags are carefully manufactured to help preserve the freshness of the contents so that customers can enjoy their coffee bags for a long time. 

Because of Mike and Abbey’s health and fitness background, Coffee Over Cardio® is also carrying a unique MCT oil-based creamer that contains nootropics. The added supplement is proven to increase mental clarity, cognitive function, and improve focus. They also formulated the first electrolyte ever made to go with coffee, producing the same effect as sports drinks but without all the unnecessary added sugars. 

Despite its growing community, the husband and wife duo from Coffee Over Cardio® aims to keep their feet grounded. They want the brand to be a close-knit family where every customer feels welcome, as a warm cup of coffee would in the morning. This approach helps the brand connect with its customers personally and learn about how to innovate their products to better cater to their needs. 

Learn more about Coffee Over Cardio® on its website.