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Charlsey Zyne Breaking Barriers in a Male-Dominated Sports Agent Industry

Charlsey Zyne has chosen a career path that is not common among women. She has decided to be a trailblazer in the male-dominated sports agent profession. She always dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player herself, but she was unable to achieve those dreams because of injuries and other limiting factors.

She currently studies law at Pepperdine Caruso School of Law, runs a business, and is building herself to be a sports agent. Her love for sports never waned, and it has influenced her strong desire to become a well-recognized female sports agent. She has heard it multiple times that she does not stand a chance in the sports world, but she is resilient and puts in the work to give her the much-needed credibility she needs.

This year, she started working with a sports agency, Dynamic Sports Group (DSG), which represents professional athletes and coaches in different sports and leagues. There, she has gained valuable experience by working closely with some of the top agents in the business.

Charlsey Zyne has a specific interest in football and soccer, but being a woman, she was always met with doubts and pessimism. There’s a preconceived idea in some that a woman cannot be a successful sports agent, especially in football, and all these only continue to fuel Charlsey’s determination to become a successful sports agent. There are so many things that Charlsey wants to change in the sports world, and she believes that a successful career as a sports agent can put her in the position to make those changes.

During the last few months, she started a clothing and lifestyle brand named Cultured Classics that will launch in a few months. This new brand is aimed at reminding people to “chill and be thankful for what they have.” She also plans to give back through the brand by donating a percentage of every purchase to different charities.

Charlsey has seen up close how much the student-football players at the University of Miami put into their training to stay at the top of their games. She has seen their work ethic, their drive, and how much they are willing to sacrifice to make sure they stand out and become successful. These things inspire her and have made her develop the “never say never” attitude. And seeing all these things has further convinced her that they deserve nothing but the best in terms of the agency representing them. Thus, her goal is to become a well-respected agent, and an agent that is known to have the players’ interests in mind. She wants to be the agent that the players can trust with their deepest thoughts and with whom they can express how they feel without shame or fear. Even though some may not see those as a traditional part of an agent’s job, Charlsey wants to provide that safe space for the players she will represent.

On the women’s soccer side, she hopes to bring more attention to the wage disparity between male and female soccer players. Essentially, Charlsey Zyne is working on a path to give back to society through her budding sports agent career and her clothing line.

And in five years, she sees herself as an established agent in the NFL and various soccer leagues across the globe. She also hopes to grow Cultured Classics into a well-known brand that everyone loves and trusts. She wants to change the narrative of limiting what women can do. She is passionate about breaking boundaries, and she is doing it for women in sports to inspire other women in sports and other fields.

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