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CEO Jay Vinson: Turning Pain into Purpose

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Founder and CEO of JJV Enterprises, Jay Vinson, has been through the ups and downs of life. For him, his previous trials and tribulation molded him to become the excellent entrepreneur that he is today.

Jay Vinson was born on October 4, 1990, in Alabama. Currently, he resides in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, pursuing his many interests and business ventures. Vinson discovered his entrepreneurial spirit at the early age of 15. Aside from being an entrepreneur, Vinson is also an author, educator, transformation life coach, faith-based leader, and public speaker.

The young bachelor is also the founder of Jay Vinson Ministries Inc. Vinson has served in the ministry for many years. Today, through his many avenues, Vinson wants to inspire the younger generation and discover their real purpose in life. As a transformation coach, Vinson believes that people who do not know what they are meant to do lack motivation. But those who can unlock knowledge within themselves lead a fulfilled and happy life. 

Jay Vinson’s book, Pain to Purpose, is a testament to how strong of a survivor he is. Vinson went through the pain of losing four of his most-treasured loved ones. He lacked the focus to excel in school because of his circumstances. Vinson barely got the credentials good enough to let him graduate high school. 

Despite his adversities, Vinson earned an undergraduate degree from Auburn University. Later on, he obtained his master’s degree from the University of West Georgia. Vinson turned his life around through hardwork and success. He had a clear goal and a vision for success. 

Vinson was featured on Praise 102.5, Atlanta’s inspiration radio station, because his book gained praise and acclaim from its readers. Vinson also had the opportunity to work in the production industry under some major networks like NBC, Universal Comcast Sports Southeast, Georgia Dome Productions, Atlanta Braves, and Auburn University Athletics. 

As CEO of JJV Enterprises, Vinson uses his influence to empower young individuals and families by strengthening their mind, body, and spirit. He also gives his clients the tools they need to change and live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Vinson’s process is primarily built on helping a person find their true purpose.

Vinson’s one-on-one coaching has changed the lives of many people. He touches health, wellness, and spiritual areas of a person’s consciousness. As a former athlete, Vinson believes that if people want to reveal the best version of themselves, they should be prepared to embrace the pain. “Change the way you think for you to become all that you want to be,” said Jay Vinson.

Through his book, Vinson envisions to reach and influence more people by putting together book tours, conferences, and global events. 

Vinson transformed his life of adversity to be enduring through the pain. He is a man who turned his pain into lessons. As he got older, Vinson realized that everyone wants to be successful. They just needed a bit of a kickstart to get motivated in achieving the lifestyle they have always dreamed of. 

Learn more about Jay Vinson through his website and Instagram.