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Celina Powell: Infamous Rap Fan

The judge sentenced Celina Powell to two years in prison for violating her probation today.

She famously became an infamous rap fan and was caught with a copy of Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV earlier this year. Which led to her current sentence. The 27-year-old rapper has been an avid fan of the genre for years. Even went by the alias “Lil Cease” when she first started getting attention online.
Celina Powell pleaded guilty to probation violation, and her sentence will begin on February 10, 2012.

She was released from jail on October 4th after a month behind bars for her second probation violation in two years.

Celina Powell behind bars before

In 2008 she spent three months behind bars for a similar violation.
Those familiar with the former rap fan said she is trying to rehabilitate herself. But will most likely wind up back in jail for violating her probation again at some point.

The former rap fan, who had a penchant for the latter part of ’00s rap, was given 60 days in jail. After she purchased Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV. She claimed it was an innocent mistake. She even said that she didn’t listen to the album. But on that particular day at the record store, in a moment of awesomeness thought, “I’ll take all the C-4 I can get.”

“She’s truly remorseful,” her attorney Shawn Randon said. “She already apologized to her family and friends.”

Celina Powell had a birthday party while in jail back in May. So her pals were able to surprise her with gifts. She was also allowed one phone call each week.
The 27-year-old rapper, who has been an active participant on Twitter, has repeatedly tweeted about her regret about the incident and even expressed that she would like to tour Europe after getting out of jail.
She was planning to tour with her friends from a local rap group, but she said she would need to get out of jail and organize the tour.
Celina Powell was very much aware that an album full of highly sexual lyrics and material can result in charge of obscenity.

She was warned then not to buy or listen to anything with sexually explicit lyrics, even if it is a one-of-a-kind artist.

“I understand this,” Powell said.
“I probably should have been more careful.”
The former rap fan also said that she read a lot of R&B/hip hop magazines and music sites, which she would look at when on the computer.
She said she had no idea purchasing Carter IV would be an issue.
Celina Powell said she was sorry to her friends and family, which were in attendance in court today.
She was even present at the birth of her daughter today.
“I just want to apologize to everyone who called me while I was in jail,” Powell said.
She even mentioned that she missed out on a lot that her friends did.
Her attorney Shawn Random expressed regret for the whole situation and disappointment in everyone involved.
The former rap fan pleads guilty to probation violation, and she will spend two years behind bars.

Celina Powell and Double-Digit

  1. The original rap fan is an admitted rap fan and was petrified of the law because she purchased a cd full of explicit lyrics. This could be a violation.
  2. Her husband is a member of an underground hip-hop group and was in jail for buying an album with sexually explicit lyrics. This could be in violation as well (which could lead to obscenity charges)
  3. Her husband is a well-known drug dealer.
  4. She only has friends that are involved in the illegal activity (based on her actions).
  5. She is a member of an alliance that has been at odds with a rival group in the past. This could also be a violation (gang-related).
  6. Also, one thing about her is that she is a known insomniac who loves to drink and listen to music all night.
  7. According to her own admission, she has a lengthy history of “rap-obsessive conduct.”
  8. She’s been given the boot multiple times for minor violations.
  9. She is trying to rehabilitate herself but will most likely end up in jail for violating her probation again at some point in the future.
  10. She was arrested on an outstanding warrant for her probation violation in 2009.

Indications of a rap fan being a rap fan

  1. First, she wanted to start a group and rap. She tried the hard way
  2. Purchased a cd of explicit lyrics
  3. Known fan of r&b and hip-hop music (music she enjoys)
  4. Favorite artists include Ludacris, Rihanna, and Lil’ Kim.
  5. enjoys listening to rap music
  6. enjoys spending her money on rap music
  7. knows the difference between R&B and hip hop (based on her statement in the article)
  8. chooses to follow “the former part of ’00s rap.”
  9. purchased a copy of her favorite rapper’s latest cd.
  10. I purchased a cd full of explicit lyrics, which is against the law.
  11. has purchased any other rap music
  12. She has stated that she will not stop listening to rap music as long as she is alive.
  13. She has stated that she has no plans to stop listening to rap music as long as she is alive.

This was a woman who was truly devoted to her rap culture. The more I read about her, the more I realized that she fit the bill of a rap fan. The music pleased her. Her desire to blend in with the neighborhood outweighed her enjoyment of the music. She wanted to start a hip-hop crew and make a music video for her favorite artist. As a way of establishing herself as a member of this culture, she established a rap label for up-and-coming performers and created her own urban clothing line.

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