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Brittney Moses Is Bridging the Science of Mental Health With Faith Communities

Los Angeles native, Brittney Moses, is passionate about seeing this generation live with purpose. While studying psychology and research assisting at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), she leverages her social media platforms to reduce stigma and assist with helpful information at the intersection of faith, culture, and mental health.

As a black woman, Brittney experienced the stigma against people of color growing up. Her faith helped her grow stronger, but she was still battling personal issues. Needing an outlet, Brittney started a blog and began walking the path to promoting mental health. As she was journaling her struggles with anxiety, she found a passion for starting a journey of creating a space where mental health challenges may be shared and talked about freely. 

Not wanting her blog to only talk about the existing challenges or for it to only be a source of empty inspiration, Brittney sought to peel back the layers on the psychology behind these mental health issues. Through her blog, she writes about her studies and shares practical tips that can help alleviate and better mental health status. 

“One of the major highlights for me is providing representation around the mental health conversation as a black woman to reduce stigma in communities of color,” Brittney shares. She adds that while being a part of the UCLA student body, she devotes most of her spare time to raising awareness through public speaking and her online platforms. Brittney has branched out from blogging to social media, podcasts, and a YouTube channel dedicated to inspiring mental health awareness and wellness within her reach. 

“I also help merge the science of mental health with faith communities, specifically the church, as many people find themselves more likely to turn to the church when in psychological distress. By having open and educational conversations about mental health in the church, I hope that many people will be encouraged to find more resources and holistic healing within their community,” she says.

Through her activities in the church and faith communities, Brittney inspires the pursuit of mental health. In her online platforms, she promotes the connection between the faith and the mind. As Brittney believes, if the mind is off track, so is the spirit. This close relationship between the two may cause conflict within an individual. 

Brittney’s blog exists to assist these conflicted individuals. She writes for those dealing with insecurity, anxiety, depression, and emotional disorders, and those who have trouble marrying their faith with their mind. Aside from a source of inspiration and encouragement, Brittney hopes to be a comfort to her readers, granting them the reprieve of not being judged for being human. 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brittney has acquired training to become a crisis counselor on the National Crisis Text Line. The line is available to support callers who have been facing mental health challenges amid the pandemic. She is also a certified recovery support group facilitator at the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). 

At present, Brittney is working hard to raise her son, Austin, and is continuing to encourage her reach to pursue mental health care. She hopes to end the stigma against seeking mental health therapy ultimately. Driven by the goal to act in partnership with the church and public health for adolescents and children, she continues to pursue academia and a deeper understanding around mental health and clinical psychology. 

Through the use of online platforms, Brittney bridges the gap between the church and mental wellness and promotes a space of healing for her reach to begin the journey of a more holistic perspective on mental health. To stay updated on Brittney’s work and to read up on her wellness tips, check out her official website.