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BricktoPunks on Creating a Digital Community Grounded in Art and Celebrity Culture

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

The emergence of cryptocurrency has revolutionized how individuals handle financial transactions and how ventures approach economic activities. With the recent developments in the digital asset industry, not only is there an alternative to existing payment options, but there is also a significant improvement in the way entrepreneurs and organizations transact across borders. Now, crypto is seen to serve as a staple feature of the financial realm because of its increasing popularity. 

Among the forms of digital assets that are set to gain a solid foothold in the e-commerce landscape are NFTs. While they were already popular in recent years, non-fungible tokens gained even more traction this year, with influential figures launching their own signature NFTs. BrickToPunks, a collection of 9,999 Punks, is currently in the spotlight for its distinctive vision and mission. 

Advancements in the digital asset industry have shown that these tokens are not only for achieving financial stability but also promoting other advocacies like creativity and entertainment. In the case of BrickToPunks, people interested in high-quality art, celebrity culture, and exclusive lifestyles can come together and share their passions. 

More than anything, the go-getters behind BrinkToPunks believe in the value of non-fungible tokens and their role in promoting art and nurturing the creative scene. For this reason, they continue to go the extra mile in supporting endeavors that lie beyond the financial realm. Although the digital asset scene is already saturated with other NFTs, BrickToPunks still manages to stand out because of its growing community of brilliant creatives and enthusiasts. 

On its way to taking the NFT world by storm, BrickToPunks is a collection of aesthetic tokens made from algorithmically placed 3D bricks. The BrickToPunks AI has been programmed to place each brick uniquely, in the same manner that a child would.

“Every BrickToPunk NFT is a 3D piece that has been generated using the BricktoPunk-AI. This algorithm was generated over several months to create NFTs that ensure variance in the manner that each brick is placed and the brick types used,” the creator, @law_degree, explained. “The effect of this is that it gives a ‘human touch’, making every NFT feel like a mosaic that was created by a child using their collection of toys. The subject of each piece sits a layer above the backdrop, creating depth in the piece and emphasizing its 3D layering,” he added.

BrickToPunks is designed to act as a key to @law_degree‘s inner circle, giving holders exclusive behind-the-scenes access to projects with icons like Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, and LaMelo Ball. 

At the end of each transaction, BrickToPunks will be using 50% of the accumulated royalties to buy and burn tokens listed on the market. This process is aimed to reduce the supply and ensure the long-term value of the project.

As it continues to create a significant buzz in the digital space, BrickToPunks NFTs hopes to offer more to the community and support individuals who are interested in art and celebrity culture. 

Learn more about BrickToPunks NFTs by following them on Twitter and Instagram. You can also join their Discord community that now has over 40,000 members here.