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Boba Inu Sugar Club Created a Cute and Refreshing Experience for NFT Enthusiasts

For anyone looking for a playful NFT collection, Boba Inu Sugar Club (BISC) should be on their radar. The impressive collection of 8,000 Boba Inus living on the Ethereum blockchain is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after ERC-721 based Non-Fungible Tokens online.

Boba Inu Sugar Club is here to set forth the world’s first and finest metaverse night market party. Boba Inus can freely bond and share their favorite foods, Boba Teas, and life experiences in this digital world. In addition, holders will be able to participate in voting mechanisms tied in with real businesses, consume and create tangible products for enthusiasts and others, and manage their brands on and off-chain. 

The founders of Boba Inu Sugar Club believe that everyone is, to a large extent, a product of their upbringing, in a good way. The creators of this exciting NFT project come from a place where many of its inhabitants’ fondest childhood memories stem from the savory aromas of street delis and the matchless satisfaction of a Boba Tea on a hot summer day. 

Boba tea is not just an ordinary sweet drink to quench the thirst of the creators. Instead, it represents their memories with friends and loved ones, a hardworking street vendor’s method of providing for his family, the upset child’s solace, and an emblem of once being a kid. They hope to share this passion with everyone around the world, with the hope that they can all remember the things they each cherish most growing up so that they can treat everyone around them with love.

Each Boba Inu is randomly generated from a selection of over 180+ traits with different rarities. The art theme is based on Boba Tea (or Bubble Tea)—a genre of sweet drinks that are very popular in East Asia and becoming increasingly popular in the western world—and the Shiba Inu. Each NFT comes with a different combination of boba pearls, accessories, backgrounds, and Chinese characters.

Some of their traits also draw inspiration from pop culture and Japanese anime. Boba Inu NFTs with sufficient rarity will be eligible for personal merch on their e-commerce platform. There are eight unique LEGENDARY Boba Inus in the whole collection.

As their NFT community proliferates, they are looking to attract people interested in crypto investing, NFTs, digital art, anime, and pop culture. Prospective token holders can find updates on the project on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.  Moreover, their NFTs can stake utility tokens and participate in their upcoming night market game, which NFT investors are looking for nowadays. 

“We believe that much of the value of NFT art lies within originality. So with the abundance of mock projects in the current NFT space, we decided to stick to our style and create something new and original from things we love. We like dogs. We like Bubble Tea. So we combined them to create a cute and refreshing experience for our followers,” say the founders of Boba Inu Sugar Club.

They are also looking at inviting more people into anime and pop culture who would enjoy some of the references in their art. Also, people who like Boba Tea (Bubble Tea), are interested in Asian culture, or have Asian roots and heritage would love their project due to its strong Asian influence.