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Better Bettors: Sports Consultant Ryan O’Rourke’s Sports Betting System Delivers Over 60% Win Rate

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Avid sports bettors know all too well the thrills of putting money on the line for their teams. Whether it is through going on a hunch or doing crude calculations for a better shot at the right predictions, the glory is the same – the touchdown hits, the crowd goes wild, and lucky bettors go home with the motherlode, excited to try their luck for the next game. Does it always have to be down to luck, though? Sports Consultant Ryan O’Rourke challenges that notion with his sports betting system that consistently delivers a win rate of over 60%.

Sports betting may be preceded by a less-than-ideal reputation for those unfamiliar with it, but many would be surprised to learn it is a growing industry where sports enthusiasts can enjoy placing bets and earning profits safely and cleanly with the use of technology. However, not all sports betting techniques are created equally. This is where seeking the right consultant for guidance and advice is important for the best betting experience, much like how a beginning investor may seek professional advice in navigating the financial market.

Ryan is not your typical Sports Consultant. A native of Vancouver, Washington, Ryan is no stranger to high-level sports, having been a division 1 athlete at Arizona State University during his college days. His extensive athletic experience led to him developing a keen eye for minute nuances not easily spotted by others. His background in statistics made his uncanny ability to pick winners something that cannot be dismissed as mere luck.

It was on a fateful day when he saw a film set in the world of sports betting called Two for the Money, starring Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey, inspiring him to explore and hone his special eye for winners that the film’s protagonist, McConaughey’s character Brandon Lang, similarly possessed and found success in. 

Sure enough, this spark grew into a flame and eventually paved the way to a lucrative career for Ryan. However, he did not get to his famed win rate percentage overnight.

Ryan first spent a few years gathering experience and growing his confidence in picking out winning sports lines. But it was only during the 2018 NBA season that his gift began to bear significant fruit, making $100,000 on bets from February to April that year. Since then, Ryan has been unstoppable.

What is the formula behind his winning bets? Ryan shared that he developed a system that takes inspiration from how line makers operate in developing their lines. This, coupled with math variables that he spent ten years perfecting through long nights of trial and error and around 10,000 game bets, has made for a remarkable system that he wants to use to help others make profits on sports while they have fun watching the games.

Many understand that in the stock market, competent financial analysts take a look at factors such as a company’s profile, historical performance, quality of management, and the current economic landscape in making recommendations for stock purchasing to clients and advising them on the next steps to do with their investments given what they predict may likely happen in the future. Much is the same in sports betting, where due diligence and rigor in research are done by consultants like Ryan in guiding their clients on their bets.

As eagle-eyed as any businessman, Ryan is not blind to the external factors that can affect any projected outcomes in sports and in investments alike. In his endeavor to help others become successful sports bettors, this is a risk his experience has made him familiar with, which he does not try to hide from his clients.

“Whether you have a $500 bankroll or a $500,000 bankroll to start with, you have to be able to let the ups and downs of the season take place,” Ryan said. But with this, he assured that his system, with its consistent over 60% win rate, brings returns just as high as, if not more significant than, any typical 401k. “Strategic sports betting is not gambling. Gamblers lose, I don’t,” he left off.