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Bad Baby Dinos NFT Goes Big on Charity and Rewards for its Holders

More than half the time, NFT investments and purchases are geared towards a not-so-distant future that holds promise and value appreciation. However, these days, NFT collections lean more towards delivering value and returns right out of the bat without making investors and holders wait for too long. Bad Baby Dinos NFT is one of those new collections making that happen.

The collection of 12,000 fun, friendly, and unique tokens exist on the Ethereum Blockchain, where they recently hatched. They are also paraded as the last of their kind, which has formed the premise that they need to band together to rebuild a fun and rewarding community.

The collection creators take pride in the fun and active community they want to build around the Bad Baby Dinos NFT. They also plan to delve into charitable drives and a handsome reward system that gives its community members Dino Snacks its proprietary cryptocurrency reward system.

Bad Baby Dinos NFT’s charity drive will kick in once 100% of the collection has been minted. The roadmap promises to donate a minimum of $50,000 to a charity that the creators choose, while the remaining $50,000 will go to charities the community of investors and holders choose. The collection is big on helping others, and it calls on all NFT enthusiasts to take advantage of all the benefits Bad Baby Dinos have to offer.

Bad Baby Dinos has made everything in its system simple and easy as the NFT can be minted on its easy-to-use website either during the pre-sale or public drop. The NFT will also be made available on OpenSea after minting is complete.

Holders of the NFT are also eligible for Dino Snacks from the Dino Snack Jar, a reward system that gives out ethereum to holders. Ten Ethereum are up for grabs to kick-start the Dino Snack Jar, and every week, 50% of the trading volume commission the collection earns from OpenSea will be sent back to the community to benefit from.

Bad Baby Dinos NFT is also preparing to launch its own metaverse within The Sandbox Game Metaverse. The creators have collaborated with the development team at The Land Vault to create an independent metaverse for the NFT, called The Land After Time which will include a Virtual concert and even venue, community town hall, and a play-to-earn NFT game.

Bad Baby Dinos NFT has so much in stock for its holders as it offers a fresh breath of air to every enthusiast who takes a leap of faith to buy into its tokens.

Learn more about Bad Baby Dinos on the official website, Twitter page and Discord Channel.

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