NFG Guild Redefines the NFT Space with Chibi Collection

An entity’s reputation is built around different convincing factors. While some establishments are acclaimed for their leadership, notoriety, and money-making pursuits, others gain recognition for their passion, brilliance, purpose, and excellence. In the case of up-and-coming NFT powerhouse NFG Guild, it was

Dare to Dream: How Van Buketi Actualized His American Dream

It is easy to have lofty dreams, but making the right decisions towards achieving those dreams makes all the difference. One person who understands all the differences is Prospere Buketi, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Van Travel Business, a multi-services

Fighting Misinformation Online

New threats are constantly emerging in the digital era, threats that, unfortunately, existing cyber defense strategies sometimes have little effect against. One such persistent threat is the spread of disinformation campaigns or “fake news” as it’s been coined. Disinformation is a process

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