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Attorney Dagoberto Rodriguez: Refugee Turned Lawyer

Attorney Dagoberto Rodriguez is one of the top names in Virginia law, specifically in the field of personal injury law. The Venezuela-born lawyer has gone through several ups and downs to get to the peak of his practice.

Dagoberto Rodriguez was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He attended Universidad Santa Maria, Escuela de Derecho, in Caracas, where he graduated with a degree in law. Following the crisis in Venezuela, he decided to flee the country and move to the United States in October 2001. To support himself and his dreams of becoming a lawyer in the US, he had to get a job while attending ESL classes. He found work in the construction industry but never lost sight of his ultimate goal—becoming a lawyer.

As a law student in the US, Dagoberto Rodriguez faced many deterrents in his journey. He struggled to support himself and to learn the foreign language that he had to adapt to. On top of this, many believed he would never make his lofty goal and found no shame in explicitly expressing such sentiments. Despite it all, he was convinced of his dream. 

His problems doubled when he got into a serious car accident while on his way to work. He had no medical insurance or money to receive the medical treatment he needed. The insurance company of the driver at fault was quick to take advantage of his lowly situation. He ended up having to pay for the insurance deductible on his rental vehicle as well as the deductible for repairs of his car. Dagoberto Rodriguez needed to work even harder.

Later in law school, he learned about the important role of personal injury lawyers. He learned about the rights of victims of negligent parties to receive compensation for their injuries. Though he felt sorry for himself for not knowing sooner, he realized that this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life as a lawyer—help people in personal injury law.

He graduated with his Juris Doctor from the University of Kansas School of Law. He also earned his master of laws from American University.

Following his graduation from law school, Dagoberto Rodriguez worked with fellow immigrants. He became a partner at another firm, where he felt comfortable as a lawyer. He was bringing in good money to support himself and his family, and he had multiple associates and many staff members. Unfortunately, that firm decided to completely shift its field of the law.

Atty. Dagoberto Rodriguez was faced with a great decision: to stay with his current firm and explore a field of law he felt no connection with or start his own firm?

In the end, he decided to establish his own firm, an expensive and risky decision. He established Rodriguez Law Firm. Fortunately, he has found the experience to be rewarding and profoundly fulfilling. Creating his own firm has given him tremendous growth, both as a professional and as a business person. Atty. Dagoberto Rodriguez found that it pays to follow one’s heart and to not let fear make the decisions that one must make.

Since then, Rodriguez Law Firm has gained a reputation for success in northern Virginia and the DC metro area. The firm is famous for its bilingual staff and lawyers, who are fluent in both Español & English. Rodriguez Law Firm consistently provides reliable legal services. Atty. Dagoberto Rodriguez is looking forward to expanding beyond the DMV in the future.

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