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Akil Victor on Bouncing Back From a Dark Past and Winning in Life

Akil Victor does not fit anyone’s image of a typical entrepreneur, and a look into his origins will highlight how extraordinary he is. Bouncing back from some of the most significant setbacks in life, he has risen the entrepreneurial ranks and created a mother company that excels in the wireless technology accessory industry and publishing world.

Akil Victor is an essayist, novelist, and poet who was born in Chicago but raised in Inglewood, California. The writer is also the owner and founder of Victor Media LLC, which houses the well-known wireless gadget accessory distributor VT Media. As successful as Akil has become today, things were not always easy for him. The entrepreneur and writer grew up in the Los Angeles area during some of the city’s most tumultuous times.

Akil’s background characteristics mimic the famous street-based movies from the late eighties and nineties. Ruled by violence and bad company, Akil would go down a path that would lead to a long stint behind bars. While incarcerated, he decided to dedicate his time to education and self development. Growing up, he always had a fondness for books. So he used his time in prison to read up and start writing original literary content. 

Later, Akil would write a series of short stories, which would lead up to an Amazon bestseller that achieved critical acclaim. His book entitled She Rode The Bus speaks on the themes of love, loss, and the pressures that inner-city youth face as they pursue a good life. Akil knew all too well the importance of one’s environment when growing up. Yet even with a marred past, the overcomer would choose to carve out a better path for himself. 

So after gaining freedom, Akil Victor would go straight to work. He formed Victor Media LLC and started a wireless accessories company called VT media, which has today reached greater heights than Akil ever imagined. Creating a brand of products, Akil would become known best for the quality products and services that his business provides to its clients. “We go above and beyond to ensure your needs are not just met, but exceeded,” the company’s website shares. VT Media would also make history as the first-ever black-owned wireless accessory company.

During his incarceration and upon release Akil Victor would go on to write multiple fiction books, including titles like The Legend of Wantonda: Volume 1, The Cash Closet, The Watcher, and Black, Blue, and Purple Pain: A Domestic Violence Awareness Anthology. All of which has gathered multiple ratings on Amazon that range from four to five stars. He plans to write and release more titles in the future. 

Today, Akil Victor works constantly to  be a beacon of inspiration to others. With his story, he helps others see how anyone can change and excel no matter what their background, environment, or origins are. The entrepreneur hopes to move into the motivational speaking space and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and young people who feel there is no hope.

Akil believes that struggle helps build character and remains grateful for all the circumstances he’s been through. To learn more about Akil Victor, visit VT Media’s website. You can also check out Akil’s Amazon page to check out his literary works.