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Ahaumna Helps People Be Grounded Despite All the Trials and Tribulations in Life

People from all walks of life take different roads as they grow. Each one’s journey is filled with ups and downs, and sometimes it may feel draining and confusing. Some go on hiatus from social media, and others go soul searching in some deserted place, Ahaumna, an author, keynote speaker, and a founder of her own company at the age of 27, aims to get people to go back to their roots. 

Ahaumna is no stranger when it comes to struggles and hardships. One day, she decided to let go of most of her worldly possessions, such as the two-bedroom apartment she had in Los Angeles. She even let go of the part-time job that she had after college. Ahaumna decided to live in her car and drive around to visit different communities in the United States. She wanted to be immersed in different cultures and have first-hand experience with it. 

Ever since Ahaumna was a young girl, around 11 years of age, she has been deeply connected to her spirituality. At such a young age, she started delving into topics about spirituality, consciousness, psychology, and metaphysics. Unlike other people who lose their passion as they age, Ahaumna embraced her passion and harnessed it in ways she can. Currently, she is a holder of a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Psychology and advanced degrees in Metaphysics. In addition to that, she is a certified yoga instructor and ordained minister. Ahaumna did not stop there, and she expanded her knowledge by learning neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, meditation, neuroscience, and keylontic science. 

Ahaumna’s experiences and acquired learning help her pursue her passion for helping others. In her immersion with different communities, she helped people heal and process unresolved traumas. Ahaumna emphasizes the importance of going back to people’s roots by accepting and letting go of experiences that caused most people to be detached from their true selves. 

Ahaumna decided to use the power of words through writing and speaking to make people feel better. She authored a book, Creator Consciousness, formulated online programs, and transformational retreats for her love for helping people. Aside from words, she uses advanced energy technologies that would guide her clients to enter the quantum field and, in turn, hasten their healing in a matter of days, unlike other programs wherein people need to stick to a program for months or even years. 

Ahaumna is a firm believer of effortless natural destinies. In her years of experience, she learned that working hard is not the key to success in life, it is by not trying so hard to fit a mold this society is trying to cage everyone in. According to Ahaumna, her methods are not like other cookie-cutter methods or a one-size-fits-all approach. She acknowledges that everyone is built uniquely, and there is greatness in this. Ahaumna wants to enlighten people on accepting and loving one’s true self; one’s roots will lead to a better and happier self. 

On August 30, 2020, she will be releasing a new program called Unfuck Your Mind. This program is a four-hour event available worldwide, which serves to provide clarity and ground for people who feel lost because of the chaos this COVID-19 pandemic brings. 

To start a path back to one’s roots, to know more about her programs, and to see feedback from her clients such as Katie Hamilton and Seth Bunting, visit her official website

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