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A man enters a Chicago police station, gets shot

The shooting is a major nuisance in the United States, and another shooting occurred at a Chicago police station on Wednesday.

The incident occurred at the Ogden District Station (10th) of the Chicago Police Department.

The suspect allegedly entered the station with a gun and waved it to officers in the lobby.

After the incident, the police said they would increase security at the station.

What happened

The male suspect entered the police station at 3315 W. Ogden Ave. in the Lawndale neighborhood before 1 p.m., according to CPD Superintendent David Brown. 

The attacker had wrapped a plastic bag around his hand.

Officers noticed a gun barrel sticking out of the pocket.

The suspect was reportedly muttering and ranting before the officers present told him to drop the gun.

Although Brown refused to go into details, he said the suspect yelled a number of things at the officers, mostly about anti-police sentiments.

Several officers drew their guns and fired, hitting the suspect at least once in the shoulder.

After the incident

A Chicago fire department official said a male civilian sustained a gunshot wound and was transported to Mount Sinai hospital.

Meanwhile, Brown said the suspect’s injuries were not life-threatening.

None of the officers present were injured in the accident.

As for the suspect, police have not yet identified him and described him as uncooperative.

CPD spokesman Tom Ahern said an attacker was in custody with stabilized conditions. It was also revealed that the assailant’s weapon had been recovered.

What happens next?

After the incident, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability said it was responding to the shooting.

The agents involved will carry out routine administrative tasks for 30 days.

CPD facilities security

Two weeks ago, another incident occurred when a Waukegan man was charged with trespassing at the CPD’s Homan Square facility.

While the officers were providing SWAT training, the man grabbed some weapons.

According to Brown, the department is currently evaluating what they can do to increase safety in CPD facilities.

“The number of officers being shot at or shot, and this anti-police sentiment expressed by this particular offender, has us all concerned about access to our police facilities,” said Brown.

The Chicago Police Department is considering measures they can take to increase their safety. There have already been two incidents at their facilities.

“If you can look at some other police facilities around the country, they have some type of ballistic translucent glass or barrier,” Brown pointed out.

“We have to balance that with being obviously open for the community to come in and make reports; come in and engage with our officers, so it’s a balance we have to strike – but there are some things we believe that we can do.”

As of Wednesday evening, the police had still not identified the man who had brought a firearm to the police station.

Due to his uncooperative attitude, they plan to fingerprint him in their database to identify him.


Chicago police shoot person who entered 10th District station lobby with gun