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Zenith ZTA: Introducing Brand New Digital Asset Making All the Difference

The fast-rising cryptocurrency space and market is no longer the development of a new digital or virtual economy. This is because the digital space as we know it now encompasses several issues, including advocacies and ensuring environmental sustainability. The development of Zenith ZTA is a deliberate attempt by crypto enthusiasts to create lasting solutions to some of the global problems. 

Zenith ZTA is the first token and coin created backed by multi-billion dollar gold, oil, and precious metals mining operations. These long-standing profitable mines are based in Kenya. The country lacks access to modern technology due to their location and a larger issue with clean water scarce for many people living there. When founder John A Hopkins visited these regions, he saw this problem firsthand and he also saw how much more could be done if only they had the resources that his company had. So now, through providing them what’s needed—including everything from solar panels (which have brightened up lives) to wind turbines (which help power homes)—thousands of Kenyans are leading better lives.

John A. Hopkins is a global leader in the clean energy and water movements with over 50 years’ experience that he has used to build an organization backed by tangible assets such as gold, oil, precious gemstones—a rare find these days. He is someone who wants his projects to be a cut above all others because they have real-world value.

The Zenith ZTA is a cutting-edge project that combines the latest technology with tangible assets. The coin’s gold and diamond-encrusted design will empower holders not only as individuals but also on behalf of those who can’t be heard in our current climate crisis driven by greedy corporations looking to make a profit off human suffering.

In response to environmental damage caused by humans and natural disasters alike, John A Hopkins launched his initiative, which helped many communities around the world understand how they could maintain clean water sustainability for themselves, even if there was never any help coming from their government or other sources. Nowadays, he helps others bring light back into some dark places.

Zenith ZTA aims to integrate the profitable operations of gold, oil, and gemstone mining with renewable energy initiatives and cryptocurrency. With stable funding from the mining operations, the project can give back by supporting renewable energy sources and research.

The new ZTA project aims to change the way people control their capital in a global, decentralized world while simultaneously impacting the environment.

The Zenith Next-Generation Sustainable Development Initiative will be led by John Hopkins, who describes it as “a next-generation sustainable development initiative that exists beyond today’s paradigm.” With this revolutionary concept, he wants us all—especially those with money or property—to rethink how we are managing resources at once so there can be some leftovers for tomorrow.

With John A. Hopkins at the helm of Zenith ZTA, the project is in highly capable hands. Hopkins has been a successful businessman for over thirty years. He is known as the man with the golden touch, and he has been recognized globally as a man of integrity and excellence. He has built multi-million dollar companies throughout his career, one of which is Hopkins Global Solutions, which has offices in Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the USA.To find out more about Zenith ZTA and its plans for the future, check out their official website.  For pre-sale, visit this website.