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Zack Ross on Turning His Realty Dreams Into a Reality

When people harness a positive thought, they tap into their hidden power and ultimately manifest their goals. Simply put, affirmations have the ability to transform one’s life for the better. 

As a firsthand witness of the wonders of affirmations, Zack Ross knows how powerful a seemingly innocuous thought can be. From his experience, he realized that the things people think and repeat in their minds could create ripples of changes and become a vessel of self-transformation. 

Looking back, Zack explains that the success he is enjoying today is a product of a childhood dream that he had been carrying in his head and cherishing in his heart. Had he not believed in the magic of faith and hard work, he would not have become the real estate mogul everyone knows him to be. 

Before he got himself in the industry of selling houses, Zack worked as a lab technician in large biotech companies. And by the time he reached twenty-four, he bought a book that piqued his interest in real estate. From then on, he has been buying, fixing, and flipping real estate throughout the cities in Silicon Valley, such as San Jose, San Francisco, Redwood City, Santa Cruz, and Vallejo.

Just recently, Zack Ross had the privilege of working closely with two notable personalities, Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr, for over a year to help them build an online course called Home Sharing Management Company (HSMC). And after spending years of exposing himself to the industry, Zack developed the ability to read people using a couple of science-based psychology methods. 

Using his confidence and expertise as fuel, Zack is now finishing his book that teaches tips and tricks on flipping houses and closing real estate contracts. Moreover, the real estate expert also dedicates his time to mentoring students who have gone through Tai Lopez’s real estate course. 

Emboldened by his growth mindset, Zack has been out and about, meeting and collaborating with some of the industry’s most influential people. And despite being considered as a highly accomplished man himself, he still strives to make room for improvement so that he could take his abilities to greater heights. 

With everything that Zack has achieved, it is apparent that people become the stories they tell themselves. Repeatedly telling himself that he would become a successful businessman one day, Zack was finally able to turn his words into a beautiful reality. Reaping the hard-earned fruits of his labor, he reminds everyone that as long as they put their minds and hearts into something, they will make it. 

When people fail to get hold of a lifelong dream, it is not because they lack in terms of talent and skill. Instead, what these people lack is a sense of commitment and confidence. This is the message that Zack wishes to impart. And according to him, the key to success is having a vision and sticking to it no matter how hard things can get. To know more about Zack Ross, you may follow him on Instagram.