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Working from Home or Back to the Office: The Dessert Ladies are Baking for a New Normal

The Dessert Ladies and Biens Chocolate Centerpieces elevates gift-giving into an art form. As the world at large reevaluates the value of the workplace in light of current health issues, the companies help organizations express their appreciation to staff and clients.

The Dessert Ladies team are aware of how much the current pandemic has impacted the work environment and of their ability to contribute positively to this cause. Recently, they have come up with an ingenious way to sweeten the way organizations welcome back their employees and clients to the office. While maintaining social distancing, companies can increase positivity in the workplace with the help of The Dessert Ladies’s individually wrapped dessert stations.

Employees who work from home do not need to feel left out. For those who want to sweeten the lives of their staff who are most likely still adjusting to the new normal, personalized dessert indulgence can be delivered straight to their homes.

This sensitivity to current social issues stems from the founders’ commitment to provide transformative experiences. Like most successful businesses, the companies have grown out of the founders’ passions. For Lindsay Smith and Geraldine Keogh, their two biggest passions are chocolates and presentation; combining the two allowed them to help others show their gratitude in the most creative ways.

At one point in the past, Geraldine looked for a local gift specialist that used the highest quality ingredients in their customized chocolate gifts. She wanted desserts that matched the theme of the event, but she soon realized that there was nobody who could provide her with what she needed. It is from this place of personal need, coupled with her refusal to settle for the average, that she and her daughter, Lindsay, launched The Dessert Ladies in 2010.

The company quickly achieved great success among individuals and clients who wanted to articulate their well-wishes in the form of individual and bite-sized desserts. The Dessert Ladies offers a full line of custom cakes, cupcakes, and other personalized flavors that directly reflect the clients’ brand, unique family characteristics, and the theme of the occasion.

In 2015, the team also launched Dessert Ladies Events. As a full-fledged events organizer, they not only provide delectable desserts but also decorate the events space and staff every special occasion. The mother-daughter duo knows that it is the little extra touches that make a world of difference. What this increased coordination achieves is a seamless party experience.

Since joining the Goldman Sach’s 10K Small Business Program, a spinoff company has developed based on The Dessert Ladies’ most popular product — biens, a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake truffle coated in gourmet chocolate.

Most notable among the dessert offerings by this mother-daughter team is the Biens Chocolate Centerpiece Display. It can be fully customized with the company’s logo and is the ultimate solution for a corporate gift that is decadent, memorable, and impactful. In addition, uniquely designed hexagonal clear gift packaging allows the centerpiece display to be shipped nationwide in luxury and style. A patent is currently pending for this one-of-a-kind dessert centerpiece.

Check out the full list of The Dessert Ladies’s full list of products on their website.