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Wonkey Donkey: Not Your Typical Degen NFT Collection

Wonkey Donkey is a massive art NFT Collection of 10,000 Degen Donkeys. This unique collection is noticeably different from other NFTs. As they gain momentum from its supporters and holders, they are looking forward to building and strengthening their community through easy transactions and collaborative environments. 

In the fictional and digital world, Wonkey Donkeys is a den of degen donkeys neglected by their careless farm owners. They want to shed some light on the unspoken cruelty that donkeys face daily and try to help play their part in decreasing the trauma they experience.

They were mistreated and experimented upon by cruel humans, and they now seek retribution. Due to these experiments, some of the donkeys that escaped now have special powers. “We are not the usual Ape collection,” says the founders of the unique NFT. Instead, the founders of Wonkey Donkey will be releasing an e-Comic book featuring a gang of Wonkey Donkeys that form a squad to fight back against the evil farm owners. These will be limited releases, and the proceeds from this will also be used to donate to charities and fund campaigns. The founders want to help by donating some of the funds raised to donkey sanctuaries and using more funds to help support anti donkey cruelty campaigns.

One of the significant factors that make an NFT collection worth buying or getting is the technology behind it. Wonkey Donkey’s smart contract is a no-copy-and-paste job; it is uniquely crafted to prioritize the community with complete transparency. In addition, they have an in-house trusted developer to ensure that each selected trait is verifiably random and is generated in real-time as you mint, which means that there is no more waiting for delayed reveals. 

Not only that, since paying Ethereum gas fees is proving to be quite a challenge for almost everyone, the team decided to counter this by having devised a unique ticketing system for the community, regardless of the presale or public sale, to allow minters to claim their NFTs when gas fees are low. Wonkey Donkey has more than five thousand followers on social media, and they are rapidly growing. They are looking to attract and include more people interested in artistic NFTs, crypto, and its online community. 

Also, the team behind the Wonkey Donkey collection, Digital Fever, has announced that holders of the Wonkey Donkey token will receive several benefits from them. These benefits include whitelist and private sale opportunities and educational courses.

One of the unique features of Wonkey Donkey is the rewards holders get for the rare materials they acquire. Rarity affects the overall value of a specific NFT. It is important to note that an NFT’s rarity ranking is not determined by a particular trait but by the summation of all its unique traits combined.

Another feature that Wonkey Donkey takes pride in is their particular road map. An NFT Roadmap is a document that gives holders and aspiring members an overview of the goals and strategies of an NFT project to maintain its long-term value. A clear NFT roadmap should include key project milestones, short and long-term goals, and plans for marketing and growth.

Wonkey Donkey’s road map includes a physical copy of Wonkey Donkey Comic given to OG holders, the premier release of 100 Villain NFTs, monthly comic drops, the launch of Donkey Coin, the launch of the Villains NFT Collection, the integration of Donkey Coin and Donkey Den, and of course, the NFT Staking Game.