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Willie J on Turning Pains Into Gains and Leading Pure Mission Entertainment to the Top

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Admittedly, it could be challenging to let go of the belief that a person’s beginning will define the face of their future. Many aspirants have stopped pursuing their goals because their initial failures have discouraged them from going forward. But, household names, such as Willie J, prove that anyone can climb up from rock bottom and make their way to the top.

This native of East Saint Louis/Washington Park, Illinois, has dealt with several hardships in life, from facing prison time, getting cut up, overcoming drugs, and losing his mother and grandma to breast cancer. But Willie J barrelled through every obstacle to stand at the forefront of today’s music industry.

As the creative mind behind the internationally-recognized entertainment company Pure Mission Entertainment, Willie J has taken on the mission to empower people, change lives, and create hope through arts and entertainment. He established this esteemed venture in recognition of the power of music to bring joy and facilitate healing in those who are hurting. 

Willie J is making waves as a published author, motivational speaker, producer, songwriter, and recording artist on top of spearheading Pure Mission Entertainment. He has caught the interest of listeners worldwide, particularly with his hit single, Sunshine with the Rain, which features PME artist Arthur Flash Johnson. Not only did the song hit #3 on the Top 200 Euro Indie charts, but it also accumulated over two million plays on SoundCloud. 

The success that Sunshine with the Rain achieved is significant for Willie J since the track was recorded three days after finding out about the death of a beloved cousin. Infused with a message of hope, the single reminds people that there are better days ahead. 

Recently, another relevant and hard-hitting piece has been birthed as a product of this multifaceted musician’s talent and passion. Together with PME president Aaron Emig, he released In the Morning, a record dedicated to the countless COVID-19 victims. This song was dropped shortly after his musical charity project and features on the hook the voice of his best friend and rock artist Terry Sanford who sadly passed away last year. 

With over 2.5 million plays on Soundcloud, this track has reached impressive heights. It was highlighted by Grammy Award winner Al Walser on his Hollywood-based global syndicated platform—The Top 20 Countdown Show—and charted along with the releases of John Legend, Rihanna, and others. Notably, proceeds from this song’s earnings are donated to United Way Greater St. Louis. This organization mobilizes donors and volunteers and organizations and companies to help people live their best lives. 

The values that Willie J holds close to his heart and the go-getter attitude that has propelled him toward the summit of multiple industries are highlighted in his other endeavors. As an accomplished motivational speaker, he has explored different facets of life, speaking both domestically at high school graduations, youth groups, etc., and internationally in countries such as Taiwan and the Philippines. 

Willie J is set to launch more impactful projects and initiatives in the coming months and years. He is currently gearing up for the launch of his much-anticipated musical EP Sunshine with the Rain vol. 1 this coming January 2021. New books, speaking engagements, interviews, and a podcast can also be expected from this powerhouse. In all of these, he hopes not only to carve a path toward renown but also to empower millions of people. 

Learn more about Willie J by visiting his website.