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Why JetSetFly is an Indispensable Expert in Digital Marketing and the NFT Space

Internet marketing is among today’s most effective tools business owners and brands utilize to stay on top of their game. There’s no other way to reach consumers as efficiently as through innovative digital marketing strategies. 

Despite only being in the industry for less than a decade, Josh King Madrid, also known as JetSetFly, has already gained unparalleled success, even more than those who entered the industry earlier than he did. As the world moves closer to the new digital frontier through NFTs and cryptocurrency, JetSetFly did not miss the opportunity to ride the wave, adding his NFT platform to his avenues of helping business owners and creators reach their goals through rigorous information dissemination and marketing in the online realm.

Over the last six years, JetSetFly has built multiple seven-figure companies and e-commerce brands. He has served nearly 14,000 customers, and the brands he has stood behind for years have collectively generated over $20 million in online sales. He made his first million at the young age of 19 after dropping out of college to pursue his passion of being an entrepreneur. Five years later, at 24 years old, JetSetFly is officially one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the online marketing space and is now a multi-millionaire. 

Expanding its horizons further, JetSetFly began to dabble into the world of NFTs in 2021, when the market experienced its epic boom. He started as a neuro-marketing consultant for three different NFT brands. Through his new role, he was able to help the companies gain over $10 million in NFT sales within the first 45 days. As he implemented innovative and efficient strategies for his clients, it didn’t take long before the entrepreneur gained the trust and confidence of industry leaders and NFT creators worldwide.

In addition, he also saw a gap in the NFT space. JetSetFly saw how holders struggle to keep up with the latest updates in the NFT space. Hence, he decided to build a central platform,, containing news and stories of NFT alpha on the Web3 environment. provides its global audience with the latest news, market updates, and stories on NFTs, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. As the world’s leading news source for anything NFT, the platform has grown its following since day one, and the number continues to rise every day. also provides audiences with NFT alerts on the latest drops, podcasts, and insights into the latest events within the NFT space.

Despite experiencing massive success today, JetSetFly remains humbled by the failures that molded him into the man he is today. Having his fair share of challenges, including being betrayed by people he trusted the most, required a lot of courage for him to continuously get back on his feet. But every time life threw a pressing circumstance on his path, he approached them with a winning mindset and decided, right there and then, that he would not allow his failures to stop him from reaching his full potential. 

“I think it is very important to treat everything in life as a win, no matter how big or small it may be. Once you get used to winning as a habit, you’ll never accept it as a loss. Things will start to always go in your favor,” said the entrepreneur. 

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