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Wendy Louise: Conditioning Entrepreneurs’ Mindsets for Business Success

The carefree and happy lifestyle Wendy Louise lives today is far from the challenging journey she had to endure, through the years, for her career, business, and health. What brought the incredible success she now holds today was the change in mindset she implemented through constant meditation and manifestation. Today, the gifted medium shares her gift in manifestation and law of attraction to other entrepreneurs through her online courses.

Wendy Louise is a successful mindset coach and success strategist who is happily married to her husband, Geoff, for almost 11 years. They were blessed with two beautiful children: 9-year-old Chelsea and 5-year-old Cameron. Since 2019, the family has been living their life on their terms, traveling all over the United States, Central America, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and Europe. But reaching this point in life was not an easy feat. It took several failures and a whole mindset transformation before they attained success in business, finance, and life, in general. 

Growing up with an entrepreneur mom and a father serving the military, Wendy Louise frequently moved around with her family and often witnessed her mother struggle in the business arena. “She often struggled in her business, worked for what seemed like 24/7, and jumped whenever her clients called. I often heard her crying over money or stressing about fulfilling her client’s needs,” recalls Wendy. As for her father, he often reminded his children that life is not about having fun; instead, it was about doing it right, and college was the only way to get ahead. These experiences shaped Wendy’s mindset leading her to pursue a traditional life.

Soon after, Wendy Louise became unhappy with the path she had chosen for school and her career. From one job or career to another, she hopped endlessly without finding true satisfaction. By 2016, she had a full-time career and a family to take care of; still, she decided to start her journey as an entrepreneur. She built her online business for two years without success even after investing almost $60,000 in coaching, courses, and workshops. On top of this, she was battling chronic health issues that left full-time employment nearly impossible. 

After drowning herself in misery, Wendy Louise found the strength to transform her life completely. She stopped focusing on the external causes of her challenges. Instead, she started focusing on what she can do to change her situation. She began by learning how to transform her mindset. She began to invest her time in mastering meditation to reprogram her subconscious mind. From this moment, things began to look up. She felt complete, full of hope, and satisfied. This fueled her drive for success.

Today, she now holds multiple streams of income, making numerous six figures a year without ads or funnels. This success has allowed her, her husband, and children to live life to the fullest even after her husband quit his job in 2019. She credits all her success to the exclusive meditation framework and techniques she developed and shares in her signature course, Soul Simple Breakthrough.

By combining spirituality, science, and energy work into her practice and courses, Wendy Louise stands out in helping fellow entrepreneurs discover their success in the most effective and efficient ways. Through meditation as the main mode of removing mindset blocks and limiting beliefs, she assists clients in unlocking endless possibilities through manifestation and the law of attraction.

“Results and money are not tied to anyone else but you,” says Wendy. “The moment you let go of what you think you know and allow what is trying to come through (the real you), life will unfold in the most magical way,” adds the rising medium. 

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