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Virtual DSS Support Providing Elite Support Services to the Dental Industry

One of the major problems that have plagued many dental practices for years is the inability to run at full capacity. Ardi Safi noticed this problem and decided to create a solution by launching Virtual DDS Support. Virtual DDS Support is a support service that gives dental practices enough room for their in-house team to focus on patient care.

Virtual DDS Support has dental-specific professionally trained schedulers who take patients’ calls 90 hours per week. With this unique service, calls to dental offices will no longer go unanswered. Virtual DDS Support will also take down detailed descriptions of every patient on behalf of dental practices. The company also offers real-time patient scheduling services to help dental practices book and confirm appointments.

Virtual DDS Support does not stop at booking and confirming appointments only; the company follows up on inquiries with patients to ensure that their dental goals are met. They reach out to both existing and potential patients to ensure that all appointments and consultations go through successfully. Virtual DDS Support was established to help dental practices around the country to increase their productivity and deliver excellent customer service to their patients.

According to Ardi Safi, “We highly value quality customer service, which sets us apart from our competition. We don’t just aim to answer missed calls; we have professionally trained schedulers who will assist our patients in the most coherent way. We will outperform our competition because our team is highly competent, motivated, and well-trained.” To ensure efficiency on the part of dental practices, Virtual DDS Support takes all their missed calls and returns those calls to find out what the patient wants on behalf of dental practices. If the dental industry ever wished for a company that serves as an extension of dental practices in the country, Virtual DDS Support is that wish being granted.

Ardi’s five-year goal for Virtual DDS Support is to make the company an integral part of the dental industry. The company will take away the need to waste money and time on front-office operations so that dental offices can focus on delivering the best medical care. This is a unique service geared toward productivity and efficiency in the dental field. Customer service is an easily ignored department in the medical industry, but Virtual DDS Support is bringing all the attention to customer service and maintaining excellence while at it.

Ardi Safi is the kind of entrepreneur with a knack for solving problems. The dental industry has faced this problem for a long time, and it has affected not only the practice as a whole but also the patients. Getting quality dental care can be quite a lot of work for patients as dentists are either unavailable or no one picks the phone to schedule appointments. With this revolutionary move, Ardi Safi is solving a real problem and taking the whole industry to the next level. Also, hopefully, the company can expand into other fields and industries.

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