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vEmpire: Latest NFT Featuring Latest Digital Trends and Gaming

Trading card games have been around for ages, but they still keep attracting attention. People enjoy the competitive aspect and how you can build your deck to defeat other players in battles. With this new digital era coming up, several in the cryptocurrency industry have come up with different projects that incorporate gaming. Ahead of its official launch in December 2021, the latest NFT project on the horizon is vEmpire, a project that has been described as more than just trading cards.

The vEmpire Trading Cards are an innovative NFT that combines games with the latest trend in the digital space. Rather than being just a collectible, holders can utilize them to participate in their online game called vEmpire: The Beginning, which is set for release in early December.

With the NFT community getting bigger and bigger, it’s exciting to see them embark on an ambitious adventure into conquering different metaverses as they rise in number. However, major concerns for commentators and experts have been the possibility of these decentralized platforms not sharing the values, which could make the movement fail even before it takes off. The vEmpire team is committed to upholding the crypto-community values and, more importantly, winning the trust of gamers and investors and ensuring that their investment is secure and passively earning them income and profit.

Explaining the vEmpire: The Beginning game, the founders explained, “We have designed the game and boosts so that a skilled player without the NFTs will still be able to beat most NFT owning players. The NFT makes the owner ‘The House,’ giving them a slight advantage, which means over the long run, they will certainly be some of the most profitable players, but they will still be beaten.”

As part of the company’s attempt to join the fast-rising crypto ecosystem, a dream team of high-achieving individuals and experts in their respective fields have been assembled, with Dominic Ryder as CEO and a co-founder. Dominic was a stockbroker turned blockchain crypto enthusiast. Alongside him is COO and Co-founder Mike Ryder, who before coming aboard the vEmpire train was already invested in gaming and creating interactive solutions for his clients. Leveraging his experience, Mike contributed greatly to the project.

With its free for all system, vEmpire is encouraging more gamers to enter the metaverse and earn enough to allow them to be NFT owners themselves in the future, thus growing the entire cryptocurrency community.

To learn more about vEmpire and its unique play-to-learn system, visit their website and Discord server.