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Upcoming NFT Project Meta Knights Pays Homage to Vintage Games With Its Medieval Themes and Pixel Art

Over the last few decades, video games have been one of the best outlets for people to unwind after a long day at work or studies. Technological innovation has allowed developers to go beyond the pixelated 2D style that once dominated the industry, breathing life into characters and environments with almost life-like rendering. However, plenty of gamers and video game enthusiasts still hold the old style close to their hearts.

Walking hand-in-hand with video games, art communities have also shifted towards the digital medium, allowing more creatives to showcase their gift on various platforms online. Recently, the art world has started to shift towards a new trend similar to cryptocurrency, Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs.

While NFTs can vary in forms, going from digital art to music and even social media posts, most NFT projects have opted to settle into the visual form. Although they have been around for more than a decade, NFTs have only boomed this year, spawning numerous projects. Joining the trend is Meta Knights NFT.

Meta Knights is a project that pays tribute to the original video game-style of 8-bit characters. The project is a utility token generation for holders that can be used within the Meta Knights Ecosystem. Meta Knights is a collection of 9,999 pixel art knights that inject holders with a rush of nostalgia. “It’s an 8-bit Game of Thrones with six different factions, all fighting for dominance in the Meta Kingdom we’ve made,” said the Meta Knights developers. 

The Meta Kingdom is composed of six major factions, and each Meta Knight is a member of their respective faction. While each faction has an army of Meta Knights, they are also tasked with battling their respective Overlords plotting to dominate the Meta Kingdom. Thus, it is up to the holder’s hero to protect the realm and defeat their Overlord. While holders have an exciting task at hand, they will also be rewarded with special perks and giveaways, most of which will be announced on their Discord server.

Paying homage to old-school games and following the code of honor that knights upheld in medieval times, Meta Knights is a project that prides itself in being honorable and transparent with the community. As a result, the project is bound to attract the attention of crypto enthusiasts, NFT buyers, and even vintage game and art lovers. “I’d imagine any fantasy fans would also gravitate towards the project since we’re heavily inspired by DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) and Medieval Fantasy,” shared the Meta Knights team. “Our lore and world are integral to our project, with the community helping build it and craft their own stories.”

While the developers have started with just knights, they have been evolving the project to integrate a Utility Token for the Meta Kingdom ecosystem, a subset of virtual property NFTs called Meta Manors. They are also planning to transform Meta Knights into a game with the support of the community. 

Learn more about Meta Knights by visiting their official website. You can also stay updated by following them on Instagram and Twitter or joining their Discord channel.