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Up-And-Coming Artist Young Dalliance Is Ready to Top the Charts With His Soulful Hip-Hop

Oregon’s most successful new rapper has finally released his first music video for the track “Windmills.” The song by Young Dalliance is part of his much-awaited seven-track Vincent Van Gogh–themed EP, Starry Nights Ease Troubled Minds

Born Elijah D. Kilgore, Young Dalliance is a twenty-year-old rapper-songwriter who is the pride of Salem, Oregon. Young D, as he is also called, released one EP and five singles in 2019, which became the talk of his hometown. His most loved tracks of 2019 are “Your Toxic Mood” and “Cloud 9.” The artist has enjoyed a steady growth in popularity and has amassed a small but passionate following for his music.

The rapper-songwriter began writing and making music as a teen in keeping with his childhood dream of becoming a musician. Elijah began taking his career seriously in early 2019 and chose his stage name, Young Dalliance.

Under his new name, he went on to release three singles, “This Was Never the Plan!,” “When I Try,” and his most successful single, “This Last Winter.” The rapper quickly became known for his smooth, raw, and lyrically rhythmic sound.

His success led him to become a brand ambassador for TIAG! Apparel. Young Dalliance has frequently been featured on radio, podcasts, blogs, live interviews, and collaborations with other artists for his unique sound and heartfelt lyrics. One of his most popular EPs is a collaborative project with fellow Las Vegas native and childhood friend R.E.C called “Color of Kings.”

Young Dalliance mainly identifies as a rapper, but he spent a couple of years studying songwriting for pop and country music. This gives him an edge over other artists, as his skill in songwriting for varied genres brings real depth to the music he creates. This advantage also allows him to create artistic, melodic, infectiously catchy rap-based songs that vary in subgenres.

His single “When I Try” has been described as hip-hop infused with jazz and elements of R&B. Through his years of songwriting have given him a complex taste, the young artist still likes to write lyrics that are meaningful and easily understood by the masses, especially “the outcast, borderline eccentric crowd.”

Part of what makes his music so popular is the relatability of his lyricism and the humility with which he delivers his vocals. Many rappers often speak about achieving success; Young D likes to talk about the struggles behind the awards. The young rapper is confident that his passion for music will allow him to rise above obstacles in his career.

The rapper has longed for his music career since he was a child. Now, he is slowly becoming the inspiration that other artists were for him. Young D is eager to prove to everyone that it is possible to create a grand career out of one’s dreams. He is eager to make his big break in the industry. Already, he is starting to gather an audience in other parts of the world, particularly Australia. 

The young rapper has a long way ahead of him in his career, but he boldly holds fast to his dream of becoming a prominent figure in music and an inspiration for millions of growing young artists around the world.

Learn more about Young Dalliance on his website and follow him on Instagram and Facebook. Listen to the artist on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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