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Undead Papi on Having an Open Mind and Achieving Success

A person’s mind is like a parachute – it does not work until it is opened. True enough, some of the most innovative people in the world started shaping their pursuits when they unleashed their creativity and unfolded the far-reaching corners of their minds. Having an open mind allows people to see the inevitable, expect the unexpected, and create a feasible path towards success out of scratch. For Undead Papi, he opened his mind that he realized the world is filled with stepping stones that spark remarkable growth. And because of this realization, he decided to become a catalyst for change and encourage everyone to see the world in a much bigger picture.

As someone who is highly recognized for his unconventional approach to music, Undead Papi surprises the industry with his versatile sound that blends different genres altogether, ranging from alternative, rock, and metal to rap, hip hop, and R&B. While his tunes may come off as confusing for some listeners, his sound was specifically designed for those who are interested in sparking innovation and making bold strides. Undead believes that music can push people in opening their minds and encourage them to ask the bigger questions. So, as he continues to invite everyone to engage their curious minds, Undead Papi uses his singular talents to create an environment that emboldens people to become socially aware.

Pounding the pavement to achieve his goal of a better society, Undead Papi brings out his unparalleled skills to create his extensive discography. This self-made album is designed to invite everyone to open their minds and listen to songs that ignite a person’s creative spirit. With pieces that embody smooth melodic tunes like “Death is Near” and “Hold on by a Thread,” and songs that highlight profoundness like “February Corpse,” Undead’s album serves as a breeding ground for individuals to engage in healthy discourse while enriching their soul with the beauty of music. Moreover, it also encourages people to freely express themselves and serves as a voice for the voiceless.

Proving to be passionate in his pursuits, Undead Papi decides to launch a music video that combines metal and rap while touching on the world’s most pressing issues. And with the election fever still experienced by many American citizens and others across the globe, Undead’s music video entitled “AMERIKKKAN POLITIKKKS” talks about an unconventional political stance that transcends party lines and discusses politics and governance at its very core. The primary goal of the album is to invite people to engage in healthy discourse while nurturing a safe space that embraces differing ideas and opinions. But aside from politics, AMERIKKKAN POLITIKKKS also encourages individuals to open their minds and ask questions on other issues.

True enough, maintaining an open mind often propels a person towards greatness. And as Undead Papi continues to create pieces that are dedicated to mobilizing society, he hopes to expand his reach and inspire the next generation of wide-eyed hopefuls to open their minds and set themselves free.

To know more about Undead Papi and his quest towards making revolutionary strides across the world, you may watch AMERIKKKAN POLITIKKKS on  Youtube.

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