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Uncle James Revolutionizes the Music Scene One Song at a Time

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Soulful tones with honest and authentic lyrics have been the central theme of Uncle James’s songs for more than thirty years now. With a renewed vigor to expand the reach of his melodies characteristic of original stories, Uncle James is undeniably transforming the music scene as people know it.

Music has come to play a significant role in the development of human recreation and entertainment in the past decades. It is hard to deny its intrinsic function in society if the revenue with which industries take part in is anything to go by. As an outlet of communication and self-expression, it has also become the medium artists of all races and ethnicities have turned to.

Exceedingly aware of music’s role to the present generation (and indeed to the past ages and those yet to come), Uncle James worked hard to reinvent its current reputation and defy social norms by bringing to the table what only genuine feeling and honest emotions could ever be.

Curtis James, professionally known as Uncle James, is the uncle of world-renowned NBA player LeBron James. What began as small gigs at birthday parties and talent shows very soon escalated into performances for distinguished individuals such as Rick Ross, Trina, Jim Jones, and Eightball and MJG.

Uncle James eventually got around performing in concerts and festivals across the United States and the following venues: Akron Civic Theatre, House of Blues for the birthday party of LeBron James, and at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.

The very apparent success of his music career was what bolstered Uncle James to release a number of notable projects such as an album entitled Lyfestyles of Curt James Vol. 1, inclusive of the hot single “Times Got Better,” among his already numerous mixtapes.

Alongside his music career is his acting career. Never one to back down from a challenge, Uncle James has made it a point always to utilize and showcase this particular talent of his. And it is with the help of this profession and in living out various lifestyles that Uncle James is able to be so honest and truthful in his lyrics. His songs, faithful to his very own experiences, feature struggle he has suffered and challenges he has endured.

The versatility of his music is undoubtedly something to bank on—a tune to one’s liking is sure to exist amid the array of charming songs already present. The fact that he takes special care and attention to write about experiences that hit close to home makes them that much more relatable to so many.

After many long years, Uncle James’s hardwork has finally come to fruition. It is with great pride that he can say that he is a singer, a songwriter, and the current owner of Raw Footage Records. A promising company with even more promising music, Uncle James and Raw Footage Records has taken the music industry by surprise.

Learn and know more about Uncle James by visiting his official Twitter account.