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Turning Misfortunes Around and Being an Inspiration to the Deaf and Disabled With Christopher Morton

When the world throws lemons at people, the latter could either make lemonades out of these fruits or allow the same to rot. So when Christopher Morton was dispensed with these golden vessels of nutrition, he refused to put them to waste. Instead, he turned a whole batch of lemons into refreshing beverages for the world to enjoy.

Before he could climb the summits of success and become an entrepreneur, activist, and a notable motivational speaker, Christopher had to go through a myriad of life-threatening barricades. But with his disposition built to brave the stormy seas, Christopher is a genuine attestation that being bestowed with disadvantages does not define one’s life in the future.

Having been born as a premature infant, Christopher had a tough time adjusting to the whims and caprices of the world’s complexities. Vulnerable as he was, Christopher was often subjected to several abdominal surgeries for gastroschisis throughout his younger years. Christopher also underwent frequent replacement surgeries for his Central Line, Pick-lines, and G-tubes.

With all the surgeries that Christopher had to go through, ingesting antibiotics had become a part of his routine. However, the amount of medicine was too much for his body to keep up. So as young as the age of five, he was diagnosed with hearing loss.

As if the several misfortunes he encountered were not enough, Christopher’s problematic stature manifested as he reached his teenage years. 14 was supposed to be the age where any average teenager should experience the vivacity of youth. But fate had other plans for Christopher and confined him to the immobilizing circumstances of hospital rooms. Christopher had to go through another surgery, Small Intestine Strictureplasty or SIS Procedure, which forced him to spend 15 years under Total Parenteral Nutrition that prevented Christopher from living a healthy life.

However, these setbacks only motivated Christopher to do more out of his life in the years to come. For some, being deaf and deprived poses additional challenges in the pursuit of a better future. But with his father’s support, Christopher was imbued with enough confidence to move forward despite being handicapped. To Christopher, disabilities should never be a hindrance to self-fulfillment. And as he endeavors to attain his dreams, he uses these disadvantages as a propeller towards success and shares it with the world.

Driven by his resilience and the invigorating fuel of his grueling past, Christopher has traveled across the country to educate people of the power of changing one’s perspective. Having experienced a series of drawbacks and being able to overcome it, Christopher sets out to redefine disability as a thrust towards achieving one’s goals.

Because of his inspiring talks and personal tales of trials and triumphs, Christopher was able to move thousands of individuals from all walks of life and encourage them to treat disadvantages as a motivational push to succeed.

Taking pride in how he conquered his struggles, Christopher wishes to remind others that life is filled with circumstances that are beyond one’s control. It is in the way that we treat these circumstances that defines our future conditions.

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