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Tricky Ways to Boost Your Customer Engagement for Your E-Commerce Site

Boosting your customer engagement for your Ecommerce site is quite a challenge and exciting at the same time. Due to the technological advancements; this contributes factors to the satisfaction and wants of the customer. This corresponds with the ever-changing innovations that pressures the customer to keep up with their customer but if you’re having trouble in coming up with efficient and effective ways to enhance your customer engagement, I can give you some tricky ways.

Be Unique and Creative 

Customers love creative and catchy graphics and this is a big advantage to attract them to engage with your business. Nowadays, it is a big deal nowadays for online shoppers the visual creativity of your site. Think of catchy and unique campaigns in your site to grasp the attention of your potential visitors of your site. Always keep up with the latest issues and trends and use this as a platform to create graphic designs or make outputs that will create wide scope of audience. Interesting campaigns makes the visitors to click your site and take a look at it.

Establishing of Customer Feedback and Reviews

Have you ever felt what it’s like when you’re talking, but no one’s listening?

One way to improve your customer engagement in ecommerce is to let your customers give their opinions through feedback. Provide them with a comments section or let them leave a message in your site or ratings. Active response with the feedbacks and you have to make it clear that you are all ears to listen.

Freebies and Rewards

Of course, people love free stuff! One easy way to prove to your customers that you are all ears with them is to give rewards and freebies for their requests and feedbacks. You can initiate a live-chat and social media engagement with your customers to gain reviews. Then, equate their feedbacks with coupons, freebies or other types of special and limited offers. Through this manner, the customer will fully engage with your site and the visitors will increase quickly.

Again, everyone appreciates free gifts, but this type of giveaway also shows that you truly value your customers feedbacks. Just make sure that it will not go overboard.

Accessibility of Information

 “Can I help you find something?”

This phrase connotes valuing the necessities of the customer. Customers hate inaccessibility and you have to ensure that the information in the site will supplement the queries of the customers. Be concise and specific in giving the information. To improve your customer engagement in ecommerce, the site must provide visitors with a self-service portal that offers as many resources as possible. This could include everything from buyer’s guides to an FAQ.

Also, you have to stipulate the guidelines and to be specific with the extent of services you can offer. With the readily available information, customers can easily reach you out so it is important to keep abreast of the trends.

Make Better Use of Social Media

A social media presence is not the same as using these platforms for customer engagement in ecommerce. You should commit to posting and updating at least twice a day to monitor the engagement of your visitors. The engrossment of the people in social media will be your challenging in keeping up with the trends to boost your products online. Over time, you’ll know which amount is right for your company by monitoring the engagement you receive for each post. If they want to address their complaint, social media is the most accessible tool. If they have a question, you can answer it. If they have praise, you can share it with everyone who follows your account.

You can make use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other websites to spread your business services and offers. This may require a lot of workloads but the result of these advertisements will be gratifying and satisfying. 


It might seem overwhelming to begin and execute all of them at once, the catch is that this isn’t necessary. One step at a time and don’t rush things. Just be consistent and creative!  Time will come that your investments will be rewarded as your company gains a reputation for superior customer engagement and support.