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Trailblazer Life Coach Jordan Hardgrave Changes Lives and Helps People Heal From Trauma

Going into business without any prior experience is intimidating and scary, which is why some people make sure to secure college degrees and initial experience in business before partaking. But not for Jordan Hardgrave, who took a leap of faith that paid off immensely. Through his online course for mental health, Jordan is breaking the expectations of everyone by earning impressive passive income for his family and transforming the lives of thousands around the world with no business experience.

As a Certified Life Coach through the National Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists (NACBT) and a Certified Trauma-Support Specialist through the Arizona Trauma Institute (ATI), Jordan Hardgrave is more than qualified to be handling mental health matters.

Currently, as an online course creator, Jordan Hardgrave has taught more than 1,500 active students who availed his course. Jordan has over one million views from 87 different countries around the world and has nearly 20,000 YouTube subscribers. His content has helped people manage and recover from their mental health problems.

Aside from breaking the stigmas surrounding mental health, Jordan Hardgrave is also breaking the stigma of needing college degrees or heavy business expertise to become a successful entrepreneur.

Jordan Hardgrave started on YouTube first. After his videos gained traction, Jordan got flooded with comments and emails asking him to create an online course that elaborated on what he had been teaching in videos. People have been complaining that the existing products were too complicated and failed to give results. With the online course, the lessons would be streamlined and more efficient.

Following people’s advice and encouragement, Jordan Hardgrave created an online course, but it was not enough to secure his business. At first, sales were slow, and he wondered if he would be able to pay his bills. While listening to an interview with billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Jordan learned the number one lesson that became crucial for his entrepreneurial pursuit. 

According to the lesson, the product must be significantly better than the competition to stand out and prevent going out of business.

Applying what he had learned, Jordan Hardgrave studied his competitors closely. Jordan would offer improved services and better benefits compared to his competitors. He kept his online course simple but effective and designed to answer the many questions that his competitors failed to shed light on.

Not allowing himself to stagnate in his field, Jordan Hardgrave makes sure to continually improve his products every single day, which sets himself apart from the others who rarely update and improve their products and services. Every day, Jordan strived to study and learn more about his field and subject matter and then apply to his online course. He also listened to the feedback of his students and applied their helpful points to his online course.

As he expands his reach to help millions of people a month, instead of only thousands, Jordan Hardgrave also hopes to scale his business into seven figures annually by branching out into different markets such as dating and relationship coaching and services. 

By hitting two birds with one stone, Jordan Hardgrave can continue his calling of helping people out with their mental health problems while inspiring new business owners and making them realize that anyone can start a business and earn success as long as there are time and effort involved.

To know more about Jordan Hardgrave, visit his website and subscribe to his YouTube channel.