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Todd Phillips Reveals Joker Sequel Will Be a Musical

Joker was released in 2019 and it had been marketed as a stand-alone without any ties to DC’s cinematic universe. But last week, fans learned that Todd Phillips is working on continuing Arthur Fleck’s descent into madness with the sequel’s story in development.

With each appearance of the Joker, fans can’t help but wonder if his accomplice Harley Quinn will show up too.

The film’s premise made it clear that she would be absent (along with many of Batman’s allies and adversaries), but the sequel seems to indicate that famous singer/actress Lady Gaga will be joining as Joker’s well-known accomplice.

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The singer and actress is set to appear in the new film adaptation of Joker. The movie, which has been given its title “Joker: Folie A Deux,” will likely see her play Harley Quinn.

While it’s still unclear what role Lady Gaga will play in the film, many are speculating that she may take on the iconic DC Comics harlequin. However, the portrayal may be vastly different to that of Margot Robbie.

It looks like the negotiations are pointing to a positive direction as Phillips worked with the Grammy-winning singer in A Star is Born, a film he produced.

The second Joker film is also set to be a musical, and Gaga’s involvement in the production will surely take advantage of her talent.

Fans of the DC film had nothing but praise for its unique direction. The genre shift is a great surprise, as fans are familiar with Gaga’s singing talents but new ones will get to witness Joaquin Phoenix’s talent in this field too.

His talent is not just in acting, but also singing. Phoenix was able to drop his voice low enough that it sounded exactly like Johnny Cash and people were mesmerized by this ability of his 2005 movie role in Walk the Line.

Todd Phillips was working on the script with co-writer Scott Silver. The title, Joker: Folie a Deux, may refer to a shared delusional psychosis, opening the door for Harley Quinn’s appearance in the sequel.

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