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Thought Leader and Life Coach Roderick Mason Exemplifies Overcoming Life’s Adversities

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Image Internally Provided

Adversity, most people believe, is one of life’s greatest teachers. It sharpens one’s character, improves one’s perspective, and defines peoples’ core values. Life coach, thought leader, and sought after corporate trainer Roderick Mason cannot find it in himself to despise the seasons in his life that he encountered loss, sickness, and emotional pain. Instead, he is grateful that these have taught him to become the passionate and visionary person that he is today, a leader who empowers others, and a motivator who has others’ best interests at heart. 

Roderick Mason is the founder of the emerging company, Holistic Coaching Solutions, a thriving platform that specializes in offering high-end corporate training services. The company offers diversity and inclusion training, leadership consulting, wellness coaching, bucket list coaching or life okay program, and peer group training for C-level company executives. Mason is best known for his unique ability to motivate his clients, regardless of the stage in life they are in or the personal troubles they are trying to overcome. As someone who has survived the death of his father, getting sick unexpectedly, experiencing the pitfalls of sales, and seeing people close to him suffer in pain, Mason has discovered different ways to rise from a painful experience. 

The Loyola University alumnus is also popular for his penchant to accumulate knowledge so that he can effectively empower his clients to become the best version of themselves. His qualifications are considered top-notch, making him a specialist when it comes to holistic growth. 

Roderick Mason is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker Trainer Coach. He is also a Certified CBMC Leadership Coach, Certified Bucket List Coach, Certified Primal Health Coach, and a licensed Diversity and Inclusion Trainer. Mason invests heavily in his personal growth, believing that he cannot offer others what he does not have. In adding value to his personal abilities through constant training, he is also in the best position to elevate the worth of every individual he encounters as he imparts his skills and knowledge at the same time. 

Having worked in sales for quite some time before establishing Holistic Coaching Solutions, Roderick Mason has witnessed many pitfalls that employees go through within the organization. More than just being motivated to work, he also discovered that people are almost always looking for significance, and the lack of it can easily drive them to lose interest in their work and personal commitments. 

“After working in sales for years and watching people literally run a company into the ground, I realized two things: I don’t like working for other people and I couldn’t do any worse. They had run their companies into the ground and if that was the worst thing that could happen to me, I could live with that. I couldn’t live without even trying,” Mason shares. “The cemetery is full of unfulfilled dreams. Who wants to get to the end of their life and the only thing you have to declare for a life on this planet is regret for the life you didn’t live?”

Determined to make a difference in the lives of as many people as he can reach in his lifetime, Roderick Mason looks forward to bringing Holistic Coaching Solutions global and offering luxurious retreats in exotic and exciting locations. He aspires to make his training experiential, to bring his clients outside of the normal training rooms they have been used to, and make them see what they are missing in life. As he continues to add value to the lives of his clients through his training, he looks forward to seeing them become the best version of themselves. 

Find out more about Roderick Mason and Holistic Coaching Solutions by visiting this website. Follow the company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates.