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This Business Author is Empowering Aspiring Business Professionals to Seize Opportunities and Build Their Dreams

Building one’s dream is a lifetime’s work, and more often than not, it is easier said than done. There are concrete steps, however, to succeed in building dreams such as those involved with business. And this know-how is exactly what business author Ashton Thomas wishes to impart to the world.

Business expertise is among the many skills proven to be learned and developed through time. This was the case for Ashton, who started his first business—a baseball and football card shop—when he was in high school. Although this was a short-lived venture, Ashton learned a lot of things during this experience, including the responsibilities held by a business decision-maker. 

Ashton was raised in the rural town of Alamosa, Colorado. He moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1997, where he became a mentee for several prominent business leaders. In 2010, the entrepreneur began his active journey into the business world, and by 2018, he was the Managing Partner and Founding Member for four flourishing businesses in Arizona. These were A to Z Holdings Company LLC, A to Z Pack and Ship LLC, A to Z Security Services LLC, and A to Z Management Group.

Shortly after his success in several businesses, Ashton decided to write his first book, “Turning Ideas into Profits.” This was born out of his desire to impart his knowledge about starting a business and helping like-minded individuals to build their dreams. After spending countless hours and days writing in his favorite coffee shop—The Driftwood Coffee Co., the entrepreneur published the said book in November of 2019. “Turning Ideas into Profit” would be the first of many books he would set out to publish, revolving around topics of business and leadership. The self-help guide, which was designed for individuals who had zero knowledge about business but wanted to start one, became the go-to book for aspiring business owners across the country. Ashton’s second book called “The Power of Inspirational Leadership” tackles the differences made by a good leader, and is due to be published this year.

The entrepreneur is currently among the leading business management authorities in Arizona. He has contributed significantly to laying the foundation for upcoming generations of business figures in the area. Ashton does this through his work with various colleges and universities, providing mentorship and guidance to college students who are pursuing their business degrees. Aside from this, he wishes to continue sharing his knowledge in business with others through his books. Ashton himself is a product of mentorship and a good educational foundation; therefore, these are the doors he wishes to open for passionate individuals like him.

The business author hopes to inspire his readers and audiences to dream big and seize opportunities. To attain what one wants in life, one must strive to make it happen, he says. Visions cannot become a reality without being driven to build the future one wants. According to him, “Life is for the taking, but you can’t get it from the sidelines.”

To know more about Ashton, check out his website. One may also connect with the business author through his LinkedIn.

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