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The Whale Maker PodDAO completes its first seed round investment in SimWin

The Whale Maker is a collaboration formed between the top NFT and Web3 thought leaders looking for other eager investors who share the same vision of being the pioneers to fuel future investments. The Whale Maker project is led by booknerd.eth, a leading investor in the blockchain and NFT Space, as well as his partner Kevin Harrington, who was an original Shark from the hit entrepreneurial show Shark Tank.

Poised as one of the most promising NFTs to drop this year, the project just announced that they completed their first seed round investment in Simwin—the world’s first digital sports league NFT.

The Whale Maker project is unique compared to other NFTs on the market because of the value and education they bring to their investors.  One of the largest values of The Whale Maker is the PodDAO. In the PodDAO, investors have the opportunity to invest in early-stage projects across multiple spheres, including NFTs, P2E, and the Metaverse. “Our alpha group has access to investments the general public will not see for a while. Getting onto seed rounds, private rounds, and pre-IDO investments give our group an advantage over other investors,” shared the team. They also built a unique economic model inside the PodDAO where stakers can get rewards based on the increase in the value of DAO holdings. The assets stored in the PodDAO treasury will support the $POD, The Whale Maker’s decentralized reserve currency.

And one of the first investments of the PodDAO is a highly anticipated sports NFT that has created the world’s first digital sports league that provides daily fantasy players, esports fans, and sports betters the ability to watch, play, predict, and collect 24/7/365.

One of the unique traits of Simwin is that their sports games will run on a proprietary player performance model, allowing for each digital athlete to have real athlete development over their season and career with growth, atrophy, and hot and cold streaks. This helps them create the most accurate simulation of traditional sports and makes it possible for oddsmakers to set clean match odds.

The Simwin digital sports leagues will feature sixty teams competing in full-length games for a full regular season with playoffs and a championship. The offseason will feature promotion and relegation, drafts, transfers, and free agency.

They also have a unique NFT sports collectible strategy that has real utility, where in-game tokens are earned directly tied to your NFT athlete’s performance in games. They are also the first entity in the world to sell professional sports franchises as NFTs.

With Simwin poised to make a large impact in the NFT space, it is a perfect fit for The Whale Maker team and their goal of bringing high-quality investments to their NFT holders, making this just the beginning.  

Only 1,000 Whale Sharks will be released in the NFT landscape. The collection shares a total of 81 unique traits. In addition, the founders will be releasing ten one-on-one rare Whale Sharks and one Banker Whale that will give the lucky investor a role inside the project and generate a shared revenue. Meanwhile, the collection will also feature White Whales that will get holders into whitelist minting events to all future projects and collaborations The Whale Maker will participate in, in the future. 

Learn more by visiting the project’s :  Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram