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The Sandman’s First Trailer Sends Longtime Fans Into Excitement

Netflix is finally ready to release their newest adaptation, The Sandman. A trailer was released during a promotional event for geeks called Geeked Week that included scenes from the series.

Geeked Week is the ultimate destination for the streaming platform lovers. It offers exclusive news, celebrity drop-ins and new trailers on upcoming shows or movies.

After years of waiting, The Sandman finally has a mainstream media appearance. Thanks to executive producer David Goyer and showrunner Allan Heinberg fans can enjoy this iconic graphic novel on TV.

In addition to acting as an executive producer, Neil Gaiman has been updating fans about his enthusiasm for the project on Twitter.

The story follows the graphic novel, where viewers are introduced to a realm called “the Dreaming”. When its master ,Morpheus, gets captured and held prisoner for over 100 years though, his land is left in ruins.

The official premise follows the graphic novel, wherein viewers and fans are introduced to the world of dreams, a realm called the Dreaming. However, the kingdom is left to pick up after itself when its master, Morpheus, is unexpectedly captured and held prisoner for over a century.

The Lord of Dreams must journey across a threshold, into worlds and times unknown. He will encounter old friends and foes along the way while meeting new entities in both the human world and the cosmic world.

The first teaser came in September and primarily focused on Tom Sturridge’s Morpheus capture by Roderick Burgess, who had initially attempted to capture his sibling Death.

The trailer introduced the most beloved characters in this graphic novel, such as an exchange between Jenna Coleman’s Johanna Constantine and Mad Hettie. She warns her that Morpheus is back after a century of imprisonment.

When the Lord of Dreams was captured, his realm started to decay. He is greeted by Vivienne Acheampong’s Lucienne in a gender-bent version of comics’ librarian Lucien, who tells him about the events in his absence.

The trailer shows a montage of other iconic characters, including Kirby Howell-Baptiste’s Death, Mason Alexander Park’s Desire, David Thewlis’ Doctor Destiny, and Boyd Holdbrook’s The Corinthian. The trailer also shows Dream’s messenger crow, Matthew.

The Sandman will start streaming on Netflix on August 5.