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The Next Greatest Speaker: A Competition Show for Motivational Speakers

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

There has been a lot of television competition shows for singers, models, performing artists, designers, and chefs. But a new Onstage Plus original show, The Next Greatest Speaker, will be the first TV competition show of its kind. The Next Greatest Speaker is a show where people compete to be the next great motivational speaker.

This new show will take place over the span of twelve weeks. The first two episodes of The Next Greatest Speaker will feature the contestants trying out for the show. Each contestant will audition with a one-minute motivational talk challenge. After ten contestants have been selected, they will compete each week through different challenges to see who has the skills, knowledge, and charisma to be the next great motivational speaker. These challenges will have high stakes, as one contestant will be eliminated per week.

No competition show will be complete without judges and mentors. Two great motivational speakers have been brought in to guide and judge the contestants through each week of the competition. Renowned motivational and leadership speakers Les Brown and Shawn Fair will serve as the co-hosts, mentors, and judges on The Next Greatest Speaker.

Les Brown is a premier keynote speaker and a renowned authority on achievement. He has spoken in front of an audience as large as 80,000 people. His speaking style skillfully weaves his compelling story with his audience’s experiences, providing a compelling argument for how people have no excuse to be complacent and how they should aim high. In The Next Greatest Speaker, Les Brown will coach the contestants as a group. He will guide the contestants as to what the weekly challenge entails and what their expected performance is.

Shawn Fair is a world-renowned motivational speaker and leadership trainer. He is an expert on corporate leadership vision, business development, and coaching. With his skills, he helped countless individuals achieve massive growth in their business and personal lives.  Shawn has worked with various people across the United States, Europe, and Canada. With his years of experience, Shawn has cultivated the unique ability to engage, motivate, and inspire leaders in achieving their vision. Utilizing his expertise as a motivational speaker and speaking coach,  Shawn Fair will do one-on-one coaching with each contestant on The Next Greatest Speaker. Each week, he will check in with the contestants to see their progress and offer guidance to help them bring out their best. 

The Next Greatest Speaker is a competition show for motivational speakers, but it does not only aim to change the lives of the contestants. This show also wants to impact communities. Each week on The Next Greatest Speaker, the contestants will be asked to apply what they have learned on a challenge that will be carried out in their hometown. This ensures that the contestants bring out the best in themselves and the groups of people they speak to. Viewers of The Next Great Speaker will also greatly benefit from the leadership advice that the show’s mentors and judges provide, making it a must-watch show for anyone who wants to be inspired to grow.

The Next Greatest Speaker will be available on Onstage Plus. Onstage Plus is a digital TV network that wants to bring content from the stage straight into people’s homes around the world. David Watts is currently a partner at Onstage Plus. His years of experience in the marketing and entertainment industry, as well as his work with A-list celebrities such as Louis Grossette Jr., Vivica A Fox, Mario Van Peebles, and Denzel Washington, has made it possible for Onstage Plus to sign on Les Brown and Shawn Fair to be co-hosts on The Next Greatest Speaker.

The Next Greatest Speaker will be available on Onstage Plus in the Fall of 2021. Onstage Plus is also available to stream on ROKU.

For more information on The Next Great Speaker and Onstage Plus, you may visit this website. To learn more about Shawn Fair, you may visit this website.