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The NBA gets a toy revamp with Starting Lineup, the toys now come with an NFT card


The NBA is an organization that’s already familiar with the NFT space and will once again receive a significant boost with toys in the early lineup toy line.

Hasbro is relaunching the sports toy line, Starting Lineup, with optimizations for the insertion of NFT cards.

The toy line is restarting with the biggest names in the NBA, including stars like LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

Starting Lineup

The sports toy line exploded in the 1980s when Hasbro offered toy versions of athletes in various sports competitions.

More than two decades after its last mass production, the company is now reviving the brand with new and expensive versions that come with NFT trading cards.

Toy giant Hasbro recently opened pre-orders for the first of the new NBA Starting Lineup collection.

Featured athletes include two of the biggest stars (LeBron James and Stephen Curry), as well as Giannis Antetokounmpo and others.

The Hasbro toy

Hasbro Starting Rig toys have six-inch (15 cm) figures that are much more poseable than the original toys.

However, they also come with a high price tag of $50.

The purchase price includes a toy, a stand, and a pack of NFT cards created by Panini.


Panini’s NFT card brand has its own private blockchain network.

Panini has previously released digital NFT cards based on the NBA, NFL, and Ultimate Fighting Championship, among others.

Each NFT trading card associated with the toy on the grid has different levels of rarity.

Although a buyer can get a standard NFT card, it is also possible for them to have a rarer red, green, or blue edition with slightly different graphics.

Each player has a gold NFT limited to one card of each color. Whether the shortage of NFTs in Panini’s secondary market leads to higher resale prices remains to be seen.

With the success and demand for rare NBA TopShot NFTs in the past, the NFT chase could be a compelling aspect of the new promise of value.

The toy was announced earlier this year in collaboration with toy giant Fanatics.


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